How did you move your fanny?

Have You Tried DB Snatches? Share here!

Good day for shoulder recovery trajectory. First overhead movement in 3 months! Light start on clean and jerks and DB snatches. 

10min EMOM

Overhead Movement

Overhead Movement

Odd: 2 Clean & Jerks (55lbs) 
Even: 16 Alt. Step Ups (20in box)

Then: 6 min AMRAP
2 Alternating 1-arm DB Snatches (1/side) (15lbs)
2 10m shuttle runs*
4 Alternating 1-arm DB Snatches (2/side) (70/50/30)
4 10m shuttle runs
6 Alternating 1-arm DB Snatches (3/side) (70/50/30)
6 10m shuttle runs…

Continue as high as possible in within the six minute time cap.

Completed 12 full rounds + 8x DB snatches. Are you ready to Get You Fanny Moving?

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