Rowing Easy 5K – How Are You Moving Your Fanny?

Rowing Easy 5K – How Are You Moving Your Fanny?

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5K Row

5K Row

Moving My Fanny: Day 5 = 5K row

How did you move your fanny?

Friday afternoon, 4/29/16, I felt it was a good day for an easy 5K row. Dragged the rowing machine outside for fresh air, turned my pandora dance music station of phone on, placed water bottle next to me, and GO!

Set damper at 5.5 and focused on form (didn’t lean too forward or back, used full range of motion, kept your arms straight). Every 750m, I reversed grip (palm-up) to engage more of my biceps. Rowing with palm-up doesn’t provide the same power and that’s OK. It was a day to recovery muscles, not to break records :-). As long as arms are maintained next to the body, it’s totally fine to row with palms up.  Completed 5K in 24:12 minutes. 


Broccoli Casserole

Broccoli Casserole

Got home and got busy in the kitchen.

Had this 3 lbs bag of broccoli that was going to expire soon. It was time to do something with it. Made a delicious broccoli casserole

Stay tuned for recipe!


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