Decided it was time to bring bench presses back.

Yesterday, /29/16, I brought bench press back to my routine. Hadn’t done them in months, sometime prior to shoulder injury in Dec 2015. I felt weak…not surprising since I had to stay away from most upper body movements for almost three months. Lots to catch up  🙄 

Here was my workout. How did you move your fanny? 

5 rounds:

10 bench presses 65 lbs (total 50 reps)

15 Kettlebell swings 35 lbs (total 75 reps)

12 GHD sit ups (total 60 reps)

12 Hip extensions (total 60 reps)

Main muscles engaged on bench press

Pec major, chest, arm, and shoulder muscles, scapulae fixers, and the triceps. Read a good article on bench press:

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