Brazilian FanniesGot my Brazilian girl Bruna to join me and got a 3rd mini workout in on 4/19/16. This vibrant young lady is also from Brazil. Sh is a pre-med student and has been working / studying hard. It was fun to move our fannies together. How did you move you fanny?

Workout #1:completed in 12:55 min & 1:41 min

3x Chest To Bar Pull Ups (assisted with band)
50x Clean and Jerks (75 lbs)

*EMOM until C&J reps are complete. That is, at every top of minute, complete 3 CTB Pull ups and use remaining of minute to do as many C&J. Keep 3x + until 50 reps C&J. Some rounds I got as few as 3 C&J 🙁 

Cash Out: 30 Alternating DB Snatches (30 lbs)  done in 1:41 min.

Workout #2:completed in 15:32 min

50x-40x-30x-20x-10x (total 150 reps of each movement)

Double Unders & GHD sit-ups

This was almost 2 minutes slower than Friday’s. Performing this routine after have done one workout made a huge difference. Decided not to go for a 3rd. This time, found a Brazilian ‘victim’ to join me 🙂

Workout #3: The Brazilian combo

5 rounds: completed in 11:51 min

10x Toes To Ring

20x partner ab-mat sit-ups with 14 lbs ball pass (10x passing ball)

10x Kettlebell Sumo High Pull (35 lbs)