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Are You Busy and Tired of Being Tired?

Are You Tired of Yo-Yo Health?

Are You Ready To Restore Your Health & Fitness?

Is This Amazing Online Bundle For You?

It is IF you are Ready to Kick-Start Your Journey to…


  • Increase your energy and do things you love with joy.

  • Manage your weight and get your confidence back.

  • Achieve your health goals and align your mindset, values, and vision.

  • Fuel your body/mind with tasty foods while controlling your blood sugar and insulin under control.

  • Learn techniques to improve your sleep and wake up refreshed.

  • Manage your stress and mood and say ‘I got this’ more often.

  • Move Your Fanny with joyfeel good, and build emotional and physical strength.

  • Commit to tune into your body, get outside your comfort zone, and open your mind to feel happier and healthier more often.

  • Share your love and experiences and feel safe and growth environment.

  • Have Fun.

Lifestyle Booty Camp is an online group 5-Step System created to help you kick-start your lifestyle transformation journey. 

This irresistible bundle makes Lifestyle Booty Camp (“LBC”) even more fabulous. WHY? Irresistible Bonuses!


WHEN:  From 01/09/18   To   02/06/18.  Commit Here!.


DAY & TIME: Tuesdays at 7:30 PM EDT


WHERE: Connect On Zoom – Join Online (Video/ Conference) by computer or smartphone from anywhere! Zoom is the bomb!


CAN’T make LIVE sessions? No Worries. You will have access to the recording of live sessions.  Plus, you may submit questions prior to our sessions on our Facegroup Page.

YOUR INVESTMENT: From $297.00 to $97.00 thru 11/27/17 with Four (4) Amazing Bonuses

Total Value $426.00 for $97.00. WOW!!!

Take Action. Enroll and Receive:

  • 5-Week, online group sessions, learn my 5-step system.

  • A program designed to help you kick-start your lifestyle and habit transformation journey. Know that I am passionate about hormone balance, especially insulin, cortisol, leptin, and ghrelin. I will be sharing strategies to keep blood sugar balanced, increase insulin sensitivity which in turn reduces the number of health risks in the long-term.

  • We will cover the following topics:

    Week 1: Mindset, Values, and Goals

    Week 2: Healthy Diet

    Week 3: Sleep

    Week 4: Stress

    Week 5: Exercise


  • You will leave sessions with healthy action steps for accountability and growth.

  • 7-Day Fitness Challenges designed to build strength.

  • Exercise videos for movements for all levels will be provided 🙂

  • A manual in PDF to help you stay accountable and keep track of your doings and results.

  • Ability to participate in live Q&A video sessions.

  • Ability to interact with others also committed to better their health.

  • Join the Lifestyle Booty Camp Facebook Group. A safe environment for you to learn, thrive and celebrate successes. 

 Bonuses? Yes! More Awesomeness

Bonus 1: 50-Minute Online Personal Training Session

This is a one-on-one virtual online session of 50 minutes with Maria. Yes, move your fanny with a personal trainer to guide you from the convenience of your home or work or location of your choice. We will schedule your session once you get started.
Value: $75.00

Bonus 2: Weekly Healthy Recipes

Each week, you will get a new recipe that excites your taste buds and keeps your blood sugar and insulin under control. You cannot go wrong with that!
Value: $17.00

Bonus 3: Fitness Calendar and Tracker

You will receive a printable FUN calendar to tracker your awesomeness!
Value: $17.00

Bonus 4: One Live Cooking Class

I can’t wait to hang out in the kitchen with you, in my kitchen and yet in your kitchen 🙂
You will receive the recipe in advance, we will jump into Zoom, and cook together. If you cannot attend the Live Session, no worries, you get access to the recording. Isn’t technology amazing?  LOVE IT!
Value: $20.00

What’s Your Investment? $97.00

That’s a 77% OFF ($426 Value)

$97.00 thru 11/27/17 ONLY!

$426.00 after 11/28/17

Plan Ahead of Your January Lifestyle Transformation Kick!

Thanksgiving Health Bundle - Be Fab Be You

Why Am I running this SUPER PROMO?


It’s simple. I care and want to be part of your health journey. I understand how it feels alone to navigate the ups and downs of TRYING to ditch unwanted habits. It is mentally and emotionally exhausting. Does that resonate with you? 


I had prediabetes with uncontrollable sugar addiction, especially when I was by myself. I had insulin resistance. I also had a very sluggish digestive and G.I. tract.

I had energy…because of caffeine, sugary foods, energy beverages.

The good news? I overcame all that. I took a 180 degrees turn and transformed my lifestyle and eventually my career.

I WILL show you how it is possible to have more energy and strive without the NEED for stimulants. Whether you are busy professional, entrepreneur, executive, super stay-home mom, This is your opportunity for you to TAKE ACTION and MAKE CHANGES.

It is not a coincidence you are reading this!

I will share knowledge, provide support, tools, and accountability.

Magic Happens When We…


Show-up >  Be Vulnerable > Take Action = Feel Empowered > Feel Healthier 



Looking forward to working with you! Join HERE.

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