Lifestyle Booty Camp Health Bundle

–Your Ticket To Kick-Start Your Health Journey in 2018–

I am so glad you are here!

Are You Busy and Tired of Being Tired?

Are You Ready To Restore Your Health & Strength?

Are You Tired of Yo-Yo Health?

Is This Program For You?


  • Increase your energy and do things you love with joy.

  • Manage your weight and get your confidence back.

  • Achieve your health goals and align your mindset, values, and vision.

  • Fuel your body/mind with tasty foods while controlling your blood sugar and insulin under control.

  • Learn techniques to improve your sleep and wake up refreshed.

  • Manage your stress and mood and say ‘I got this’ more often.

  • Move Your Fanny with joyfeel good, and build emotional and physical strength.

  • Tune into your body, be outside your comfort zone and feel happier and healthier more often.

  • Share your love and experiences and feel safe and growth environment.

  • Have Fun.

Lifestyle Booty Camp is an online group 5-Step System created to help you kick-start your lifestyle transformation journey. 

Lifestyle Booty Camp (“LBC”) bundled is even more fabulous. Irresistible Bonuses!


WHEN:  From 01/09/18   To   02/06/18.  Commit Here!.


DAY & TIME: Tuesdays at 7:30 PM EDT


WHERE: Connect On Zoom (Online Video Conference) by computer or smartphone!


CAN’T make LIVE sessions? No Worries. Sessions will be recorded.


Facebook Group Page: Stay active and engaged. Learn, share, and inspire. 

Take Action. Enroll and Receive:

  • 5-Week, online group sessions, learn my 5-step system.

  • A program designed to help you kick-start your lifestyle and habit transformation journey. Know that I am passionate about hormone balance, especially insulin, cortisol, leptin, and ghrelin. I will be sharing strategies to keep blood sugar balanced, increase insulin sensitivity which in turn reduces the number of health risks in the long-term.

  • We will cover the following topics:

    Week 1: Mindset, Values, and Goals

    Week 2: Healthy Diet

    Week 3: Sleep

    Week 4: Stress

    Week 5: Exercise


  • You will leave sessions with healthy action steps for accountability and growth.

  • Fitness Challenges designed to build strength.

  • Exercise videos for movements for all levels will be provided 🙂

  • A manual in PDF to help you stay accountable and keep track of your doings and results.

  • Ability to participate in live Q&A video sessions.

  • Ability to interact with others also committed to better their health.

  • Join the Lifestyle Booty Camp Facebook Group. A safe environment for you to share, learn from each other, thrive and celebrate successes together. 

 Bonuses? Yes! More Awesomeness

Bonus 1: 50-Minute Online Personal Training Session

This is a one-on-one virtual online session of 50 minutes with Maria. Yes, move your fanny with a personal trainer to guide you from the convenience of your home or work or location of your choice. We will schedule your session once you get started.
Value: $75.00

Bonus 2: Weekly Healthy Recipes

Each week, you will get a new recipe that excites your taste buds and keeps your blood sugar and insulin under control. You cannot go wrong with that!
Value: $17.00

Bonus 3: Fitness Calendar and Tracker

You will receive a printable FUN calendar to tracker your awesomeness!
Value: $17.00

Bonus 4: One Live Cooking Class

I can’t wait to hang out in the kitchen with you, in my kitchen and yet in your kitchen 🙂
Get the list of ingredients in advance, tools needed, jump into Zoom, and let’s cook together.
Value: $20.00

What’s Your Investment? $97.00 – Buy Here

That’s a 77% OFF ($426 Value)

$97.00 thru 1/03/18 ONLY!

$297.00 from 1/04/18 to 1/8/18. $426 on 1/9/18

Plan Ahead of Your January Lifestyle Transformation Kick!

Thanksgiving Health Bundle - Be Fab Be You

Why Am I running this SUPER PROMO?


It’s simple. I care and want to be part of your health journey. I understand how it feels alone to navigate the ups and downs of TRYING to ditch unwanted habits. It is mentally and emotionally exhausting. Does that resonate with you? 


I had prediabetes with uncontrollable sugar addiction, especially when I was by myself. I had insulin resistance. I also had a very sluggish digestive and G.I. tract.

I had energy…because of caffeine, sugary foods, energy beverages.

The good news? I overcame all that. I decided to take turns that aligned with long term life goals. Eventually, I left Corporate to be a coach, mentors, and teacher.  My goal is to transform lives.

I WILL show you how it is possible to have more energy and strive without the NEED for stimulants. Whether you are busy professional, entrepreneur, executive, super stay-home mom, This is your opportunity for you to TAKE ACTION and MAKE CHANGES.

It is not a coincidence you are reading this!

I will share knowledge, provide support, tools, and accountability.

Magic Happens When We…


Show-up >  Be Vulnerable > Take Action = Feel Empowered > Feel Healthier