DB Front Squats – Keep It Functional!

I am going to tell you, want to fatigue your legs and heart rate up quickly, incorporate DB (dumbbell) front squats and move your fanny really well–stick to functional exercises. How did you get your fanny moving?

On Sunday, 3/20/16, I got a great 15min AMRAP workout:

25m Farmers Carry 25 lbs (total 50#)

12 Alternating DB Snatches 15lbs (total 30#). Easy on shoulders.

25m Farmers Carry 25 lbs (total 50#)

12 DB Front squats 25 lbs (total 50 lbs)

Completed 6 rounds + 13 reps. Great workout to get Sunday going.

Muscles worked:

  • db front squats: quads, hamstrings, and glutes
  • farmers’ carry: core stability, leg and calf strength, entire posterior chain (back side of the body), forearms (grip test)
  • alternating db snatch: improve balance and stability of core muscles, especially hip flexors, and because it’s one arm, it engages core muscles more to compensate for uneven distribution