Poor hydration & breathing=poor performance

Poor hydration & breathing=poor performance

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I had not felt so depleted and fatigued during and after a workout in a long time. Yesterday’s 15min did for me! Two-three minutes into, at the beginning of round 2, I recognized I was dehydrated. Amongst several downsides, dehydration impacts the body’s ability to fire up muscles, including the heart–remember that 75% of muscle tissue is water. Combine that to shallow breathing, which kicked in shortly after the start, I knew this was going to hard and I needed longer breaks.

Normal breathing provides arterial blood with 98-99% oxygen saturation. Thus, overbreathing reduces CO2 levels in the arterial blood. This causes decreased oxygen delivery to cells leading. This can cause a spasm in all muscles: airways, colon, arteries, arterioles, and the diaphragm.

My mouth was so dry after the workout that I couldn’t believe it. Felt like my heart was going to come out through my mouth. WOW! 

Truth must be said…contrary to my normal and own recommendations, it was my fourth day working out in a row. Plus, I knew I had not been drinking as much water as usual. The body responded accordingly. Respect! WOW!

Here was 3/17/16 workout:

3 rounds:

15 Cal Assault Bike (The Beast) 

15 GHD sit ups

15 ring rows

Rest 2min

Completed in 15:31min — plus 5 minutes on the floor catching up my breath!


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