Moving My Fanny, 2/8/16

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After 2 1/2 months, i’ve done toes to ring, squat cleans, power clean. It felt good to grab a barbell to these movements. slow and steady recovery!

Odd: 10 unbroken Toes to ring
Even: 10 unbroken Kettlebell Swing 35lbs
Odd: 7 Parallel Ring Rows
Even: 7 unbroken Hang Squat Cleans 42lbs

For Total Reps
5 minutes Max Rep Box Jump 20inc (completed 81)
5 minute rest
4 minutes Max Rep 10m Shuttle (completed 58) 
4 minute rest
3 minutes Power Clean 57lbs (completed 36)
3 minute rest
2 minutes Max Rep Ball Toss 15lbs (completed 33)
2 minute rest
1 minutes Max Rep Pull-Ups (completed 17)

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