Three Strategies to Rewire a Fixed Mindset and Facilitate Weight Loss

Three Strategies to Rewire a Fixed Mindset and Facilitate Weight Loss

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Today I’m here to talk to you about the relationship between a fixed mindset and weight gain. What? Yes. So this video is inspired by a conversation I had with my mom, who has a very fixed mindset. As I asked questions with the purpose to help her hear her own rationale, it was amazing to see her come up with more irrational arguments and get even more stressed out.

I also noticed that when she realized something was ‘off’ she replied, ‘I don’t know’. Based on your own experiences, you may agree with me that it might be tough to change the mindset of a 75-year-old? I won’t give up trying to show her the path of least resistance. It is never ever too late to change.

An example of a fixed mindset is the thought you know it best, you have the right answers, and there is only one way or very few ways to get to accomplish something. And is going to be accomplished when I want it.

Look, there is nothing wrong with having goals. Goals’ main purpose is to give a direction, a destination, and a finish line. In order to get to this destination, we must be flexible, adaptable, accepting of who we are, and say YES to help from The Universe and from others in our lives. I learned and changed loads. I have yet to master acceptance in many aspects of my life though.

So how does our fixed mindset correlate with weight gain? It is through stress and cortisol hormone.

It is important for us to identify life stressors and their origin. I would encourage you to do this exercise with me:

1) Make a list of everything that is stressing you out.

2) Next is to prioritize them based on the frequency and/or causing the greatest discomfort. What has been bothering you for days, weeks, months, or even years?

3) Next, I want you to think outside the box. Take a time out. Step away from the situation and ask yourself “how am I seeing this?”

Physiologically, how is stress affecting your body? It does raise your blood sugar. Yes, you do not have to eat cookies, candies, pizza, or drink that sugary beverage or alcohol. Owning a fixed mindset which often causes us to feel stuck in our ways, will raise blood sugar.

When blood sugar rises, so does insulin. Insulin is indispensable for life and yet, it is a fat-storage hormone leading to weight gain. Elevated cortisol, the stress hormone, can cause our cells to become insulin resistant leading to an increase in blood sugar and weight gain. You probably heard of the expression “getting fat behind the desk.” It’s often due to stress levels and becomes chronic and turns into processes discussed earlier.

Speaking to all my stressed-out emotional eaters who love sugar and carbs, think about what’s going on when we add the cookie, chocolate, donuts, or whatever else is around to help alleviate the tension? I used to have NO CLUE. I didn’t listen or care to pay attention to. I was too busy and was in my mid-30s so why pay attention?  I beg you to not be like me. If you are reading this, you are different. For the past few years, I am on a mission to educate and empower you to take your natural awesomeness back.

My inspiration for you today is:

>> First, list those stressors, prioritize them, take a step back, and ask your self: am I flexible? Am I adaptable? Am I accepting help? Am I looking for other ways to deal and handle the situation?

>> Second, take a few deep breaths. Every time you feel stressed out, I want you to do inhale through your nose igniting your parasympathetic nervous system to calm you down, lower your heart rate, lower stress and ultimately, help to lower blood sugar and insulin.

>>Third, journal –yes, write what’s going on down. Focus your writing on the solutions and actions you will take when you stepped outside the box and got out of your way. Writing will help you reflect and move forward.

If you feel you are still stuck and don’t have all the answers you would like, journal that too. That’s part of your process. What can you do? I am going to educate myself. I’m going to search for solutions. I am going to talk to people in my circle of trust. I am going to listen to YouTube videos. I’m going to buy/read books. I’m going to hire a coach like Maria. YES, I am going to work with Maria so she can help me get through this.

Often the accountability, support, and the right environment are what we need to unstuck and thrive. Contrary to my mom’s example, we have to recognize and accept times we are in or what we are doing is not the best way. There is always more than one answer and ways to get to our destination.

I invite you to empower yourself. Give these three strategies a go to help you transform your mindset, stress, and weight. Bring homeostasis back into your body through a powerful growth mindset.

If you have any questions, never ever hesitate to reach out. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Love you. Bye. Bye.

My mission is to empower stressed out sugar and carb lovers to optimize their weight and health by getting to the root cause of life stressors, of unsuccessful diets and exercise programs, and by embracing self-love so they rediscover success, happiness, and a fulfilling life.

My teaching and guidance are based on the following pillars: nutrition, exercise, blood sugar/insulin resistance, and mindset (incl. stress, habits, beliefs). As we optimize health and lifestyle around these pillars, imbalances related to digestion, blood sugar, adrenals, thyroid, and sex hormones start to subside.

One thing I have learned from working and speaking with hundreds of people…

Weight loss has less to do with nutrition and exercise than that of mindset, beliefs, and experiences. The process of removing debris and boulders out of the way is incredibly rewarding, filled with ah-ha moments.

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