Health & Fitness Coaching To Inspire

Health & Fitness Coaching To Inspire

Get lifestyle content to help you feel more energetic, stronger, and committed to your health journey!


Health Coaching and Functional Fitness for Corporations, Busy Executives,Professionals, and Moms. Individualized Programs!

Kathy, a loyal client of mine, stepped up and moved her fanny really well. She had no idea what I had in store for her. She was ready for it–plus, it was a beautiful day outside. She has worked hard to get to this level. Watch her video here, share and help to inspire others

“If I can do it, anybody can do it” — by Kathy Thacker

Help me congratulate Kathy on her 6 rounds of dedication and commitment to getting healthier, fit, and stronger. Keep up the good work and inspiring others to join you in reaching their best next level!

6 rounds: (completed in 22:00 minutes)
25m 110lbs tire pulling
5 parallette burpee
10 russian kettlebell swings 40lbs

Do you need accountability, support, knowledge to get healthier, lose weight, increase energy, focus, and fitness level? Or would you like to bring all that and much more inside the workplace and help your assets achieve wellness? Reach out now at 770.835.5490 //

If you are in the Atlanta/Vinings and surrounding area, call 770.835.5490 to schedule your FREE 45-min Health Session or Fitness Assessment

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