Feel Happy In Your Own Skin So You Exude Vitality And Joy


I empower stressed out sugar and carb lovers to optimize their weight and health so they rediscover vitality, happiness, and lead a fulfilling life.

If this aligns with you…
➡️ We will get to the root cause of unsuccessful diets and exercise programs
➡️ We will dig the roots of life stressors
➡️ We will get you to embrace self-love and much more
Look and feel good in your clothes. Feel excited about your choices. Take back control of your health!
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Maria Horstmann, MBA, CPT, PLN1, IR

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Lose Weight, Reclaim Energy, Feel Healthy
  • Get accountability, support, tools
  • Feel well, in control, & happy
  • Lose weight & boost energy
  • Stop the Yo-Y0 dieting!
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Build Physical, Emotional, and Mental Strength
  • Get Fit, Stronger & Sexier
  • Get Accountability & Motivation
  • Look leaner, thinner & toned
  • Ignite powerful neurotransmitters
  • Control your mind/brain & health
Glucose, Insulin, Hormone Imbalances?
  • Control weight, lose belly fat
  • Ditch fatigue, feel energetic
  • Stop cravings, restore insulin
  • Restore insulin sensitivity
  • Balance your blood sugar/glucose
Corporate Wellness: Transform Your Team
  • Build a healthy environment
  • Personalize your/their needs
  • Improve productivity & moral
  • Attract/retain talented employees
  • On-Site and Online Services

You are never too young or old to…

  • Stop the Yo-Yo weight, diet, cravings, exercise, and build sustainable healthier habits.
  • Lose weight, feel comfortable and confident in your clothes.
  • Increase energy, clarity, and productivity and DO MORE.
  • Build physical and mental strength and handle life’s curveballs with more control.
  • Manage your stress, improve your digestion and the quality of your life.
  • Boost your immune system and lower inflammation and reduce the risk of diseases.

NO EXCUSES! At Work. At Home. 


The Pandemic Life Curveball Notice 

I am here for you.  Your health is more important now than ever, and I would like to offer myself as a resource to help you move, release anxiety, and increase productivity and focus. Here are a few ways I can help — all these options are offered online

Group Fitness Classes
One-on-one Fitness Classes
Health & Lifestyle Coaching Programs

Group Fitness Classes
Group and 1-1 Health/Lifestyle Coaching
Lunch Break Talks and Workshops

I want to be a resource.
What do you need in your life right now that I may be able to offer? Please fill out the form HERE to let me know.