Move Your Fanny With Diversity

Move Your Fanny With Diversity

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deadlift 1Diversity is important to routines.

Challenge the body and assure you allow body to recover with healthy and balanced nutrition, sleep, hydration. How did you move your fanny?

Got a few movements today.
10 min EMOM
01 Deadlift 195 lbs

20 min AMRAP (completed 7 rounds)
05 Ring Dips (assisted)
07 DB Push Press 25 lbs
09 Push Ups (on my knees to save shoulders)
11 Calorie Row
-Rest 1 Min-

One hour later, got a second workout with my buddy Shannon at Be Fab – Be You gym

5 rounds

10 ring rows

15 kettlebell swings 15 lbs

10 Back squats 85 lbs

Cash-out of 5x 20 abmat sit-ups

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