My Valentine’s Date With Cindy

My Valentine’s Date With Cindy

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Valentine's Workout DateHope your Valentine’s date was as good as (or better than) mine was with Cindy 😆

While restaurants were crowded at 6:00pm, loud, and lots of waiting around…I had it easy.  No waiting. Music was just right to keep us in the mood. Only 3 fellows joined showed up to Move Fannies too!

Cindy is one of the CrossFit benchmark “Girl” WODs (Workout Of the Day):

20 minute AMRAP (As Many Raps As Possible):

05 pull ups  + 10 push ups + 15 squats

Completed 13 rounds and 14 reps.  

Nbr of push-ups were a bit for  my recovering left shoulder, which i injured about 2.5 months ago. Started to move slow after round 7–listening to the body is key. I hope I have not messed it up too badly. Spent some time stretching afterwards. P.S. photos of movements were not take today–they are for demo only.


Background of Cindy

Cindy is also one of many benchmark girl wods.

The girls of crossfit are considered benchmark wods because that is how crossfitters compare themselves to each other. The movements, weights and times are all standard based on gender for each girl wod so everyone is doing the same workout.

Cindy is a great because of the type of movements required to complete it…they are all body weight movements. 

Bodyweight movements offer lots of benefits. All levels in every setting. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at the gym, at home, in the office,, or in a hotel room, you will have your body and carry your weight, right? Then, you can move your fanny, you will engage your core more, and that translates into improved strength throughout the entire body. MOVE YOUR FANNY = HAPPY BODY = HAPPY YOU! 

#BeFabBeYou #wellness #fitness

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