Love the empowerment message and call to action this commercial sends out.

I agree 100% with the message of this commercial. No waiting! Take chances. Get outside your comfort zone. Go on to do YOU so that you feel proud and happy about the chances you have made. NO EXCUSES! Do YOU first so you that you are freaking awesome to those who deserve your company and awesomeness.

Hint…remember that good health, physical and mental strength, quality of life provided by health is our ticket to bring us the greatest happiness and achievements in life!

Go after what’s important to YOU. Not sure what’s THAT important–the kind that you would DO for FREE and forever? Put time aside to discover yourself and your thing! It does not have to be that big or that lucrative or important to millions or be so unique. It is YOUR thing and if you are passionate about it, the sky is the limit.

DO NOT LET ANYONE SAY OTHERWISE! Many people will question your actions because they are not ready to do something different. They are comfortable and with little desire to grow and discover their untapped potential. That’s OK they are not ready but YOU ARE. BELIEVE in YOURSELF and CHOOSE be around those who believe in you as well

One of the reasons I believe this is important is because I believe you want to wake up fired up every day– instead of dragging your body out of bed and do the same thing over and over. Opening your eyes and getting up daily to do something with more purpose and intention will make you happier and healthier!

Your Environment….

Build a growth environment. Be with people YOU care and CARE about YOU. DO and seek a lifestyle so that you feel well, have energy and confidence, look good and confident to follow your wishes.

Let me ask you this…Do any of these limiting beliefs are part of your vocabulary?

  • ‘I don’t feel well’ or
  • ‘I can’t do it’ or
  • I am too old‘ or
  • ‘I am too tired’ or
  • I don’t have time‘ or
  • ‘I don’t have money’ or
  • I’m not smart enough‘ or
  • ‘I am not enough’ or
  • I don’t have willpower‘ or
  • ‘I am alone’ or
  • I don’t have support‘ or …

Whatever other limiting beliefs are running your mind, DO NOT ALLOW any of internal and external naysayers to BE IN THE DRIVER’s SEAT!


Need support, accountability, help to take steps and make progress?

I am your coach and trainer. I am your partner in crime. Together, we can turn your health and lifestyle 180° around, just like I did to mine.

Much love to you!