It feels good to give back! Planting Seeds…Great collaboration between Be Fab – Be You LLC and Atlanta Habitat for Humanity. This morning, we launched the first out of three elective mini-series workshops for home owners!

This 1.5 hours Nutrition 101 session focused on educating home owners on how to read/interpret Food Nutrition Labels, how wellness is impacted by inflammation, and discussed drivers of inflammation from nutrition. Home owners were engaged, asked great questions, and evaluation came back with thumbs up.

The Habit raffled a basket of fresh foods including healthy fats, carbs from vegetables and fruits, and protein!

Can’t wait for the next two sessions.

Workshop #2, on 8/8. Topic: Exercise/Fitness–Fannies Will Move!

Workshop #3, on 9/26. Topic: Blood Sugar and Hormone Imbalances

Thank you, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity for the opportunity, for allowing me to plant the seeds for healthy families and share my passion!

The Habitat does amazing work for the community and I am happy to be part of he movement and share the love!