Online Fitness Classes

Be Fit. Be Strong. Be Fab. Anywhere.

  • Your health is more important now than ever! You are stuck in isolation and trying to cope with all of the change.


  • You are fighting off the fear, the stress, and the overwhelm.  Concerns around finances, relationships, and health peaked. 


Stay healthy. Stay calm. Stay fit.


  • It’s time to PIVOT your fitness and health to increase your immune system and work towards your long term health and life goals.


  • Let’s move together and release any anxiety. Let’s increase your happiness, energy, productivity, and focus!


  • My online group classes are for all fitness levels.


  • Take a 30-minute lunch break to refocus and reenergize. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling happier and healthier.


Join as you are, from your living room, leave at your best!

✔️ A supportive coach and community.

✔️ Classes available in the mornings, lunchtime, and evenings.

✔️ Join by yourself or with others in the household. Kids?  Let’s keep them healthy too!

✔️ *Missed a live class? Catch the recording and move at your convenience!

✔️ *Facebook Group for extra accountability, delicious and healthy recipes, and daily encouragement.

✔️ *And there’s more! Join us weekly for a VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR. Let’s keep the party going!

* Recordings, Support Group, and Happy Hour are program features available to our weekly and monthly members only.


Your first week is on us! This is the motivation that you need right now.  


Stay healthy, mentally and physically, by taking the next steps in your health journey.


Reap the benefit of boosting the personal and professional dimensions of your life!  


You have ONE week to pick 3 [adult] group classes and 1 kids group class!


** Class recordings not included with this free offer. Show up 💪

Online Group Fitness Schedule

We offer a wide variety of online class times to ensure that staying healthy can fit in your schedule. All of the benefits, all of the flexibility!
Great To Know…
✔️ All times above are shown in Eastern Time Zone.
✔️ Monday, Wednesday, and Friday sessions use bands and/or dumbbells. Exception for Kids and Lunch sessions.
✔️ Tuesday and Saturday sessions use bodyweight.
✔️ We show exercise regressions and progressions so that you can attend any class despite your fitness level.
✔️ No resistant bands and dumbbells, household items are FUN to lift.
✔️ ‘Stretch & Abs Thursdays’, ‘Kids’, and ‘Lunch’ sessions are 30 minutes long. All others are 50 minutes.
✔️ Kids’ sessions are offered with the Family Group package only (try one kids’ class during your free trial).
✔️ The schedule varies on occasion. 
✔️ Classes are held live on Zoom. Recordings are uploaded daily (available to weekly and monthly members only).

Transform stressful transition times into healthy, positive, and fun experiences. This is your time to PIVOT your FITNESS and health. Fitness doesn’t need a brick and mortar address. Stay ahead of the game.


What is stopping you from investing in your health? Is it time to say YES to a healthier YOU?

Before excuses rise, consider what we are going through. You reduce fear when you take action toward improving ‘X’. Here, it’s about your WELLNESS. Keep your mind, body, and immune system strong!


We know you will love these classes!


Take a peek at what comes next! After your first free week you can choose between:


Weekly online group classes for individuals and adults. This gives you UNLIMITED classes with a flexible, week-to-week payment.


Monthly online group classes for adult individuals. This gives you UNLIMITED classes with an affordable month-to-month payment.


Anyone in the house can attend sessions together or separately. We focus on movement, energy, fun, and breaking a sweat together. One parent must be present with a child. Also offered month-to-month.
Why maria and why now
Maria Horstmann - Health Fitness Coach - - Virtual-In-Person Atlanta,Smyrna
What makes Maria different than the average trainer? There are thousands of training programs out there, but Maria’s experience and skills are unparalleled. Maria is more than a fitness trainier. As a health and lifestyle [editor] coach, she takes a comprehensive approach to health with a focus on nutritional endocrinology, immune system, blood sugar and insulin resistance imbalances.  She will ‘meet’ you where your are at in your health journey. Together, you rediscover and uplevel lifestyle choices such as mindset and attitude, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress.
Now’s the time to PIVOT your fitness and health! Our current circumstances call for a strong immune system and physical and mental strength. Build lifestyle habits for better quality of life.
Commit to boosting your immunity, feeling better, moving, and looking better. Maria has been designing and implementing health and fitness programs to help people reach their life and health goals so they can live their best lives. Sign-up for FREE classes and have fun!

“I would like to say how much I enjoyed an online group class with Maria. I am older (64) but flexible, with farm animals and chores. I found that I was doing several of the exercises which I did at home on my own incorrectly. Maria both gently corrected my form (squats, pushups, etc), but also encouraged us all to greater levels than I do. I really received a much better workout, AND got my heart rate up to where it should be during exercise than I have done on my own. She makes allowances and/or changes the exercise for physical differences and levels among the group, so it is a challenge for each person, but not beyond that person’s ability. I highly recommend Maria!”
–Jane Bolz



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