Be Fab – Be You Launches Online Group Personal Training

Be Fab – Be You Launches Online Group Personal Training

Group Online Personal Training-Be-Fab-Be-You-Maria-Horstmann

Get lifestyle content to help you feel more energetic, stronger, and committed to your health journey!

NO EXCUSES! Wherever You’re, I Can Be There Too!

Let’s Move Our Fannies Together From Anywhere

I super excited to tell you that on Tuesday, May 1st, I will start offering LIVE Group Online Personal Training.

Earlier this month, ~60 people, ~95%  women from mid-40’s to early 70’s, joined 60-minute online group classes (up to five people) via their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It was a WIN-WIN. It’s been very rewarding for it to help people through this format. READ Their Feedbacks and Experiences Here.

Let me tell you how cool this is…

I am now available to help you, your friends, and family to move effectively, more often, and safely from the comfort of your homes, offices, and hotel rooms.

During class, I am your personal trainer (not your instructor). I watch your form/technique, motivate and encourage you beyond what you believe is your abilities–in a safely matter and recommend adjustments to movements to accommodate your body conditions/limitations and fitness level.

A few reasons people joined the class have been: 

  • Limited schedule (gym, traffic, prep and plan routines, etc).
  • Need the motivation to get back to exercise.
  • Tired of doing the same routine. Looking to spice things up.
  • Have body parts imbalances and are not sure how to do it.
  • Do not like the gym ‘scene’.
  • Feel uncomfortable and/or even “lost” at the gym.
  • Travel commitments and need flexibility.
  • Have been avoiding resistance or strength training because…so many reasons for this.
  • Know the importance of movement and strength, but alone, have a hard time incorporating into their daily activities.
  • Welcome guidance, support, and expertise a personal trainer offers.
  • Like the energy group activities others.

Are You Ready To Try? 

The Next Complimentary Classes are:

Click ‘Sign-up here’ below for dates and times available. If day and time isn’t optimal for you, get 2-4 friends to commit and I will form a class for you.

**SIGN-UP HERE  –  Use Coupon Code: groupweb

If you are part of organized groups (networking, associations, weight loss or health-related groups, etc) or organized gatherings (i.e. book clubs, mom’s groups, church groups, etc) and would like classes exclusive for your group members to try, LET’S DO IT. Call me at 770-835-5490 or email me at to find out date and time that fits us all 🙂

If you are part of an organization and you want to boost your employee’s energy, productivity, and focus on mid-morning or mid-day exercise sessions, LET’S DO IT. Gather the troops in the breakroom that has a large TV or Projector or let them move their fannies from their offices/cubic spaces. It is that cool and easy. Anyone with an internet connection, a laptop, or smartphone or tablet can join a class.

A little more on why I am so excited to launch this Group Online Fitness Class…

“NO EXCUSES” Motto…My mission has been to make health and fitness available to as many people as possible. To provide options and an environment they CANNOT say NO. My goal has been to limit people’s abilities to come up with EXCUSES. My goal has been to provide an environment, accountability, support, knowledge, and tools for them to thrive, break down barriers so that they can continue to grow and feel well.

I have been offering my health coaching programs online for at least two years. In November 2017, I started offering online personal training (one-on-one). The next progression was to offer the same training to groups and online. The portfolio of services is 100% LIVE VIRTUAL/ONLINE and IN-PERSON (in Vinings, GA  and in-home services). As far as corporations, I offer a combo of in-person and virtual/online.


Going back to Group Online Personal Training…

This Complimentary Session is offered with love. I’m passionate about educating people on health & fitness 🙂

  1. Before class, you will watch videos of exercise movements we will do in class.
  2. The videos will give you a chance to feel more comfortable and feel ready to kick tails in class 🙂
  3. You will NOT need equipment. Your body weight will do the job (= body weight movements). If you do have equipment such as dumbbells, you are welcome to bring them over and I’ll help you use them during your session.
  4. You will NOT need a large space either…just enough for you to set up your device so that I can see/hear you (and vice-versa).
  5. Lastly, the complimentary class is limited to 7 members.  Group classes starting on May 1st will be limited to 5 people.

Click HERE to watch an intro video about how to prepare and what to expect before you attend a complimentary class.


**You are required to complete an intake form PAR-Q and Terms and Conditions Form for liability and safety reasons before you sign-up for the class.

**Enter coupon code “groupweb” to grant you a complimentary class.

PLEASE, be respectful of my time and kindness for bringing this to YOU for FREE. And by doing so, it shows your respect for others as well  (otherwise a spot for them). I’ve had many people sign-up with NO-SHOW or cancel last minute. We all have the same 24 hours in the day and every minute is valuable.

How Do You Decide Between The Online Options of Group or One-on-One?

The following should provide you with some insights. Still not sure? Call us at 770-835-5490!

Group Online Personal Training-Be-Fab-Be-You-Maria-Horstmann

Group Online Is Ideal For You If…

  • You have been moving your fanny and you want more and better!
  • You’re ready to shake things up with extra motivation and diversity.
  • A touch of fun, extra push, and supervision (form and technique) will UP your GAME!.
  • The group environment will inspire YOU to DO and ACHIEVE more.
  • You love the flexibility of joining a small and intimate class and NOT have to go to a gym!
  • You are capable to manage your physical limitations and know of [movement] options–yet, you welcome advice and tips.
  • All levels of fitness and starting points are welcome to join!!!

What’s The Group Class About?

  • Targeted to BOOST and COMPLEMENT your fitness journey.
  • Elevate your “I CAN” and “I WILL” attitude.
  • Up your commitment, challenge, and results.
  • Includes five (05) sessions of 60 minutes each.
  • You have 4 weeks or 30 days to redeem sessions.
  • Group is limited to five (5) members.
  • Classes offered in mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends.
  • Workout routines will change within the week–you’ll be in the loop.
  • Some level of personalization is provided during live sessions.
  • Some level of patience is required…You’re NOT in a race.
  • Bring positive energy and you shall receive double 🙂
  • Your investment: $125 paid in full.

Starting with One-on-One is Ideal If…

  • It’s been a while since you’ve exercising consistently.
  • You are tired of the “Yo-Yo Exercise”.
  • You’re lacking motivation, accountability, and confidence.
  • You have ‘tricky’ health (physical) imbalances.
  • Individualization is best to prevent [re] injury and setbacks for now.
  • You feel that direct attention and encouragement is what you need to kick-start your journey.
  • You feel that having someone be familiar with your weaknesses, strengths, and needs will help you get to the next level quicker.
  • You have specific goals that can be achieved better and faster with dedicated attention and programming.
  • You feel it is time to boost your routine by incorporating different movements and challenges.

What’s The 1:1 Energy Jumpstart About…

  • Targeted to JUMPSTART your fitness journey or BOOST your current routine.
  • Includes three (3) sessions of 45 minutes each.
  • You have 15 days to claim your sessions.
  • It is a one-time offer to new clients only.
  • Build a routine with movements [and equiopment] that meet YOUR goals level of fitness and abilities.
  • Elevate your confidence with “I CAN” and “I WILL” and stick to exercise.
  • GET STARTED within days after you complete the purchase.
  • It’s a steal for $99.00.

At the end of your third session, you may continue to take 1:1 sessions OR join the group classes.

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