#37: The Ace Study [Part 1] – From Pain To Purpose

#37: The Ace Study [Part 1] – From Pain To Purpose



I am excited to share this content that is valuable, intriguing, and powerful. It has the ability to ignite tremendous change in your life. I am breaking down the information into bite-sized pieces so your brain can digest it and get ready to receive the next bunch next time.

In the last few episodes, I shared some information about the role perceptions play in our belief system, reactions, habits, and health.  In today’s episode, I will bring the ACE Study to convo.

ACE stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. This is another tool targeted to increase awareness about the possible relationship between toxic stress and increased risk of health consequences.

Take a few to answer 10 easy questions below, get your ACE score, and open the doors to self-awareness and growth (follow this link to answer them online)

Are you ready?


Answer these 10 magic questions and get your score.

For each “yes” answer, add 1. The total number at the end is your cumulative number of ACEs.


#1. Did a parent or other adult in the household often or very often… a) Swear at you, insult you, put you down, or humiliate you? or b) Act in a way that made you afraid that you might be physically hurt?

#2. Did a parent or other adult in the household often or very often… a) Push, grab, slap, or throw something at you? or b) Ever hit you so hard that you had marks or were injured?

#3. Did an adult or person at least 5 years older than you ever… a) Touch or fondle you or have you touch their body in a sexual way? or b) Attempt or actually have oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse with you?

#4. Did you often or very often feel that … a) No one in your family loved you or thought you were important or special? or b) Your family didn’t look out for each other, feel close to each other, or support each other?

#5. Did you often or very often feel that … a) You didn’t have enough to eat, had to wear dirty clothes, and had no one to protect you? or b) Your parents were too drunk or high to take care of you or take you to the doctor if you needed it?

#6. Were your parents ever separated or divorced?

#7. Was your mother or stepmother: a) Often or very often pushed, grabbed, slapped or had something thrown at her? or b) Sometimes, often, or very often kicked, bitten, hit with a fist, or hit with something hard? or c) Ever repeatedly hit over at least a few minutes or threatened with a gun or knife?

#8. Did you live with anyone who was a problem drinker or alcoholic, or who used street drugs?

#9. Was a household member depressed or mentally ill, or did a household member attempt suicide?

#10. Did a household member go to prison?

Your score is the total number of questions you marked with a YES. What was your score? 1, 4, 6? Zero, perhaps?

More than 60% of Americans have a score of 1 or more. Higher the score, the higher the risk of diseases and other imbalances. Becoming more familiar with this study gives you tools to transform yourself, be a resource for others, and learn strategies to help prevent it in your own family and in your community.

There is a thing called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the “brain’s capacity to continue growing and evolving in response to life experiences. Plasticity is the capacity to be shaped, molded, or altered; neuroplasticity, then, is the ability for the brain to adapt or change over time, by creating new neurons and building new networks.”.

In summary, it says that we are NOT doomed to living an awful live even though our past adverse experiences may say so. This is an important concept to keep in mind as you listen up.

I know that you have already answered the questions and got your score…hang with me for a sec, please. Let me ask a few more questions…

  1. Have you and someone you know been a chronic yo-yo dieter? Lose a big junk of weight, which was a huge accomplishment, and then most if not even more of the weight back?
  2. Or do you feel depressed often?
  3. Or do you have thoughts of suicide? Thoughts that are associated with emotional pain or due to hard current experiences or future ones you expect to happen?
  4. Or have you experienced emphysema and chronic bronchitis most of your adult live?
  5. Or have you realized that your desire to drink alcohol is strong or even uncontrollable at times? You find yourself having 1-3 drinks daily or multiple times weekly?

And here is the thing… you’ve been experiencing these symptoms and/or felt like your emotions mirror the features of riding a roller coaster?

I like to ride roller coasters. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie. However, I do not like or want to experience the ups and downs of roller coasters. Unfortunately, we are not immune to this. It’s easy to have self-blame, self-guilt, and even self-anger. We get to release this stuff in order to move.

Although you hear me say that life is more about managing our attitude and reactions to events daily, there are times it’s pretty hard to keep it all together, right? We try multiple strategies but don’t seem to move forward with peace. We feel stuck.

If you have never felt this well, congratulations!!!  I’d love to learn more about you and what makes you. I am serious, I want to talk to you.

If you have felt this way before, welcome to the club. I also want to talk to you because I understand you and it’s likely I can help you take productive steps.

I want to know the WHY to most things in life. That’s because I want to release the pain so I continue to live my purpose. I know you do want this as well.

This ACE study was a joint between Kaiser Permanente and the CDC. After studying thousands of people, they came up with 10 questions. They measure types of childhood adversity, experienced before we turn 18 y/o, including physical, sexual, and verbal. It also includes neglect and types of family dysfunction.

The potentially traumatic experiences that we experienced before we turn 18 have been associated with chronic health problems, mental illness, and substance use problems in adulthood. ACEs can also negatively impact education, job opportunities, and earning potential.

We often say that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. How many times have you heard that? I know that I’ve said it hundreds of times. I did so without the understanding and perspective I possess now. The bottom line is that science is telling us a different story.

Next episode, I will discuss how ACEs impact our health and wellness. I will even share my score and things that I have done and continue to do to keep moving pain and obstacles out of the way so I live my purpose.

If I can do it, you can do it as well. And I am here to help you. When you are ready to rock and roll, schedule a complimentary call with me at BeFabBeYou.com

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