#9 [Part 4]: How To Prevent Obesity and Diabetes: Smoking, Nutrition, Eating Habits

#9 [Part 4]: How To Prevent Obesity and Diabetes: Smoking, Nutrition, Eating Habits


In this episode, Maria goes over practical strategies to prevent obesity and diabetes. Let’s start by talking about nutrition. The advice is simple but it does take practice to follow: Be more intentional with what you put in your body. Try to cook your own food, start with at least one meal a day. Make your plate colorful! The more vibrant your plate is, the more vibrant you are. Next, eat raw foods (= uncooked, i.e., leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds).
Let’s step back and talk about eating habits in general. Do not inhale all of your food in a few minutes. Take. Your. Time! Allot at least 20 minutes to eat every meal and remember to chew! Trust me, it’s understandable how simple and even humorous these tips sound, but really ask yourself, are you really doing all of them and consistently?


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Let’s get back to today’s episode about giving you practical strategies to prevent obesity and diabetes based on Mary’s lifestyle habits. Check out episode 6 for her story.

Most of us start to notice changes to our bodies and performance after our mid-30s. If you are a woman, premenopausal or post-menopause, you have experienced even more changes. And for our lovely men out there, they will have noticed changes in their mid-40s.

Everyone is different but the reality is that as we age, our metabolism and hormones change as well. Often, we see and feel lower metabolism, it’s easier to gain weight and more difficult to lose and maintain the weight we desire. We are not as motivated to workout as we used to. And we continue to eat about the same amount of food. Or we even pick up ‘new cool’ habits like drinking more wine as we socialize with our peeps or enjoy time alone.

Have you experienced that?

So, Mary is 47 years old and witnessed her aunts gain more and more weight as they hit her age. And today, her aunts are in their 70s. They are obese and have diabetes. Mary wants to prevent that.

Today, I’d like to share strategies that help her accomplish that by evaluating a few of her lifestyle choices she shared me—listen to episode 6

Of all her lifestyle choices, smoking is by far her worse habit. She knows that and is not sure what’s going to take for her to change. I want to remind you that smoking leads to diseases and disabilities and impacts the health of others with second-hand smoking. These diseases are asthma, cancer, COPD, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, gum disease, and many more.

You cannot quit trying to quit smoking. You are NOT a QUITTER. On episode 8, I walked you through a simple and eye-opening exercise regarding experiences and life expectancy. Work on that exercise. You must create a sense of urgency. You must have uncomfortable conversations about your life. You must think about the quality of life you want to have NOW.

Lastly, I’d like to share a great FREE resource. Call to talk to a Quit Smoking Coach Today at 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669).


Mary eats whatever and whenever she wants. She said is not really on it. I am not going to say you shouldn’t eat x, w, or z. I will say that if you want to get a grip on your health and prevent diseases, it’s in your best interest to do at least three things:

  • Cook your food. Know what’s on that plate. Get a grip on this.
  • Eat a rainbow–white and beige foods don’t count.
  • Incorporate raw foods into your meals and suggest at least 50% of each meal be raw.

There is no other way for me to say this…

Sipping on coffee with sweetened cream, drinking soda and sweet tea throughout the day to curb hunger, eating large meal at night and snacking between dinner and bedtime is not a recipe for weight loss.

There are many things I can say about her habits. Today, I will focus on ONE TIP.

Embrace being the Chief Health Officer of your life and health. In doing so, you are responsible for making time to what’s important to you.

Block 20 minutes to eat your lunch. Your job and/or clients are NOT in charge of your schedule. YOU ARE!!!! For 20 minutes, stop what you are doing, put phone and all distractions away, eat and chew well your home-cooked meal.

Next episode, I will wrap up Mary’s question and address exercise, hydration, and sleep.

All these strategies are simple to implement. And if done consistently, will help you manage your weight, blood sugar, hormones, and prevent inflammatory diseases.

You can do this. I believe in you. Now, go at it. Start today!

If you help getting started, don’t hesitate to reach out. Go to www.BeFabBeYou.com and schedule an appointment.

Thanks for listening and talk to you soon.


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