#65: Can Inspiration Affect the Effectiveness of the PILL?

#65: Can Inspiration Affect the Effectiveness of the PILL?



Today’s episode is part 3 of the Horstmann Weight Loss P.I.L.L. mini-series. Last episode, I introduced you to the first and most important ingredient of this pill. P for Personal Responsibility. Today, you get to learn about the second ingredient of my P-I-L-L. It starts with the letter “I”. What do you think is it?

Before I go there, let’s start with a few reminders so you stay out of trouble…

If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness. We have choices, don’t we?

I have no idea who said that but it needs to be repeated over and over until the light bulb comes on for whoever needs to hear…

To realize the benefits of weight loss and long-term health requires long-term behavior change. We all understand that but it’s oftentimes super hard to not give up the journey before it thing we are trying to change or add becomes a habit. Based on my own experience and with clients, in order to make progress without regression, we get to take a deep look into our lives and identify what’s serving us well and what’s not and do what aligns with our values. And if there is any doubt of what is good or not, having the courage to admit it while having self-compassion, staying curious, and seeking help from others ahead of us is a wise step.



It’s time to give you ingredient #2 of the “Horstmann Weight Loss Pill” Are you ready?

It starts with the letter “I” and it’s “ I “ for Inspiration!!  Heck YES to Inspiration. How does it related to weight loss? Great question. I am going straight for the jugular!

  • How inspired do you wake up every day?
  • How ready to kick tails do you feel in the mornings?
  • Why do you wake up every day?
  • What inspires you to be alive?
  • What matters to you?
  • Who matters to you?
  • Who do you want to be an example and inspiration to besides yourself?
  • What is driving your choices – aka decisions every second?
  • What’s driving your WHY in life?
  • What could you do for the rest of your life for FREE?
  • What’s that “thing” that feels bigger than you and God—if you believe in God?

This doesn’t have to be a giant like changing the world—this is not about anything that society pushes upon us. This is about YOU and what’s so important to you that INSPIRES the heck of you. This is about the thing or things that speak to your soul; they are natural energy boosters; they fire you up; they make you get out of bed because you want more of it.


Why having this awareness and energy coming into your life significant to this weight loss pill and your weight [fat] loss management journey?

It’s because oftentimes when we don’t have something inspiring to go after that drives our focus and why the autopilot takes over and we waste a great deal of time. Instead of living life with intentionality, we can easily live a mediocre life.

I love this quote by author William Ward:

“The price for excellence is discipline. The cost of mediocrity is disappointment.”  

“The things we focus on come at the price of other things that we then can’t give out time/energy/focus to”, says author Jamie Lima on her book “Believe It”. Awesome book, by the way.

Having clarity about what’s truly important to you and inspires you because it’s part of your why will help you take greater responsibility for your health. You will reflect and understand that there’s no wealth without health. You’re your health or energy is your ticket to leading a fulling life with joy. It’s your ticket to do more of the things you love so you feel proud of your choices before going to bed every freaking day.

It will be clearer that the choices you make today affect tomorrow and aging. These choices have an impact on the number and frequency of doctors’ visits, surgeries, medications, and dependency of the latter. They (choices) impact the level of anxiety, worry, and frustration as you age. They impact your ability to get out of bed and stand up with ease. Goodness, I can go on and on here.

Let me share a story that might resonate or ignite inspiration in you. This is a conversation I had with a friend and let’s call her Shay.

I asked Shay, what does inspire you? Without missing a beat, she replied…

“Whenever I get down or whenever I feel shitty. I just think like I need to show up for the people that care about. For me it’s all about people. I don’t think people depend on me but I know I’m important to them. I know I matter to them and I know that friends that call me is because we want to have a friendship for the next 30 years. I don’t want them to disappear and they don’t want me to disappear. I think about those relationships. If I want to maintain those relationships, I gotta be healthy. I gotta be strong. I gotta be clear-headed. I gotta take care of myself. That’s my motivation.”

And I said, so one of your values is to be an inspiration to others. Do you ever think about that before you make a decision, let’s say of getting drunk?

“Every time”, she said. She continues, “for example, my friend Jessie has two daughters that I’m close with. We had a visit for an hour. And so when I think of doing something, I think, what would Jessie think. The 11-year old, what would they think if I was doing X in front of them?  or if I heard myself saying Y, what would they think? I think about the people when I make decisions about decisions.”

I told her, so people fuel your inspiration. Your WHY is to be an inspiration to others, be a catalyst, be helpful, be a value to those you cherish.

As she was telling me this, I had a big smile on the other side of the phone. I could feel her energy and intention and purpose through her voice. I love to hear people’s WHY and inspirations. And love to help people uncover them. It’s a beautiful thing.

So yes, I told you earlier in this mini-series that my weight loss pill wasn’t the typical one in the marker. I am NOT promoting or selling you a product.

I am promoting YOU, your DREAMS, your POSSIBILITIES, your BEST SELF through the TEMPLE that your body is.

There is way more to weight loss than nutrition and exercise.

My hope is that my voice and my words be a part of your transformation process. Of course, I’d love to work with you and meet you where you are at…whether that’s to be your guide and accountability partners, teach you ins and out of a specific health matter, or get you to or as close as possible to the root cause of your health imbalances by doing functional labs, functional blood chemistry analysis (FBCA), and establishing sound protocols that are unique to YOU. If that sounds like a step you’d like to take, go to www.BeFabBeYou.com and schedule a complimentary call.

If there were questions in today’s episode that you have no idea what the answers would be, I highly encourage you to go back to reflect upon them and write things down. We substantiate thoughts, goals, dreams, ideas when we write them down.

Next episode, you are in for another treat as I will introduce you to ingredient #3 of the Horstmann Weight Loss PILL. That starts with a “L” — “L” for ….what’s your guess?

That’s it for today, my friend. Thanks for listening and for sharing this episode with someone in your live. If liked what you heard, live us a rating on iTunes. Until we talk again, be well.

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