#35: The Process I Used To Let Subconscious Anger Go

#35: The Process I Used To Let Subconscious Anger Go



Recently, a subscriber of my newsletters reached to me because of my notes about being verbally abuse during my childhood and how I realized my past experiences have been impacting my adulthood. She wondered what I learned and knew about it.

We had a great conversation. As she shared her experiences related to the same topics during childhood, during her previous marriage, and how she believes all combined have impacted her children who are in their 30s today, I was able to resonate with the circumstances from different angles.

Although I was also physically abused and there were 3-4 beatings that were traumatic, I think that verbal and circumstantial abuse had the greatest impact on me.

I mentioned to her it wasn’t until I had become an entrepreneur that I noticed how my behaviors, thoughts, and actions were not at par and were interfering with my success right from the start of the business.

I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t make things happen the way I wanted. I was having a hard time changing and shifting my thoughts and actions.


My personal growth and self-discovery journey is started in September 2015. A few weeks prior to that I had met another health practitioner who worked with terminally ill cancer patients and helped them leave this world at peace (she helps other types of clients dealing with many other health imbalances).

By applying a technology called EVOX, she helped them release negative emotions by changing their perception. I was very intrigued by that because and even thought that maybe this could be part of my problem but I had no idea. Jennifer invited me to do a session to experience for myself. She also thought it could help me to overcome some of the barriers I was experiencing that I had shared with her during our conversation.

I didn’t think twice. I love being a guinea pig. I saw her for three sessions. Those sessions and outcomes opened me up for self-development.

Evox works on changing our perception. Clinical experience has shown that most perceptions tend to remain intact for a significant period of time because perception creates functional reality. Hence, perception has a powerful impact on our entire life, including our health and wellness.

So, a positive outlook will allow you to function with greater ease and less stress. A narrow outlook creates more stress and impacts our wellness in a negative way.

When we are able to shift our perception, we increase a level of control in ourselves. These perceptions shifts can be on behaviors, self-image, wellness, performance, beliefs, emotions, addictions, and relationships.

For example, when your perception is lacking, you will create this function by holding on to opinions, attitudes, and ways of dealing with life. They limited your ability to choose your outcomes. You can imagine how this can be a major barrier related to relationships and your ability to achieve goals and even healing or recovery from illness and injuries.

How is works:

EVOX records your voice and displays in on the computer as a Perception Index which shows the energy pattern of your voice. The process including cycles of reading the voice, which senses the energy, and deep minutes of deep reflection. The reading the voice and receiving information is repeated until you are able to release or shift the pattern.

The perception index is divided into 12 zones, allowing you to identify and consider potential blockages.

When I did the first time in 2015, Jennifer suggested I started identifying the emotions of family and self. The readings also showed who, in priority, had the most impact on me.

In my case, the priority of impact came mom, father, brother, sister, and lastly my grandmother from my mom’s side. She was the only grandparent in my family.

Among the zones, zone 7 of ‘Anger vs Acceptance of Change’ came out as red or extreme imbalance for EVERY SINGLE PERSON, including myself.

Holy smokes. I couldn’t believe it at first but it all made sense once I started the shift work. Until that day, it had never crossed my mind what was going on and how the emotional baggage part of my life. I did some deep work to release those emotions. It was emotionally draining but worthy—lessons for a lifetime.

In my last session, after I had shifted my perceptions related to everyone and myself, I remember telling Jennifer was now afraid of going home a few months later in December. I didn’t want to feel heavy, angry, and upset like I always did when I went home.

She told me that likely I was going to feel lighter, more patient, and less impacted by people’s actions and words. She asked me to pay attention to my behavior and reactions going forward around anyone, not only family.

She was 100% correct. Something shifted and for the first time in kinda forever, I had a peaceful trip and wished I could have stayed longer. And I noticed the difference around some people who always rubbed me the wrong way.

Needless to say, I became a believer in EVOX. I started to value the power of our thoughts and words. I’ve become really curious about myself and started to ask even harder questions. My personal growth journey took a turn for the better and I am convinced that it helped me be a better coach.

I learned the importance of vulnerability, compassion, patience, and forgiveness. It became clear that giving ourselves permission to grieve and heal first, before giving all to others, is essential.

If you are curious to know what this zone 7 of ‘Anger vs Acceptance of Change’ is, I’m going to share parts of it with you. The description below comes from the EVOX report. Here we go:

“The subconscious anger-related energy may be observed as a propensity toward anger from even the smallest inconveniences or violations of the individual’s expectations.

Anger is a defense mechanism triggered by the perception of various threats. The perception of threats may grow if the individual is not willing to confront and deal with them before the associated stress grows out of control. That does, the threat may come from within.

Anger frequently covers up grief issues from feelings of loss or betrayal, which the individual doesn’t yet know how to release in a healthy manner. Disappointment in distress may manifest as anger in self-sabotage, chronic worry, indecision, and threat.

Anger is frequently associated with muscle tension twitching back problems. The anxiety associated with anger may induce heart problems with heightened blood pressure, digestive disorders, kidney problems and adrenal dysfunction. Not all anger is irrational or unhealthy, when appropriate, it provides the energy and drive to protect oneself.

Anger sends the message that something must change. A willingness to initiate or accept change can correct problems in preserve subconscious anger from building in the first place. With calm security gained through the release of subconscious anger, completion of the grieving process, and willingness to face challenges, the individual becomes better able to experience harmony and appreciate beauty appropriately.”

WOW, right? There is much behind these words. I am so grateful to have met Jennifer and been exposed to this process/technology because it changed my life.

I have recommended many people to see Jennifer. This technology is available in other states and countries too.

My journey and use of EVOX didn’t stop in 2015. More recently, I reached out to Jennifer about a few blockages. I felt like I was in my way and not using my gifts and energy properly.

Next episode, I will share more info about the latest EVOX sessions. Plus, I think you will be surprised to know whether my past emotions had returned.

Here my challenge to you. Do a self-evaluation.

  1. Do you have any habits, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, addictions, etc that aren’t the healthiest? 
  2. Have you thought about why you are the way you are?

Our gifts or things we are great at often come from circumstances we experienced in our childhoods. That to say, I am not saying they are bad. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?

I invite you to write these things down.

Thanks for listening. Talk to you soon.

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