#66: What’s The Right Lifestyle For You

#66: What’s The Right Lifestyle For You



Welcome to the Be Fab Be You Made Simple Podcast. I am your host Maria Horstmann, an Integrative Functional Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer founder of Be Fab – Be You LLC.

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Oh, I got something to share. Last week, I received my certificate in the mail as a Board Certified Functional Wellness Professional. Pretty cool, isn’t it?  I am celebrating here!

Today’s episode is part 4 of the weight loss PILL and you get to learn about another ingredient of this all-natural PILL. If you missed previous episodes in this mini-series, I encourage you to catch up HERE.


According to the CDC, 74% of adults in the US are overweight, 42% of the adult population are clinically obese. Our kids and teens are suffering too, obesity among them is almost 19%. Science has caught up with reality and it’s known and understood that excess body fat dramatically increases the risk of serious health problems, heart disease, depression, respiratory problems, major cancers, fertility problems, and of course, Type 2 Diabetes.

And talking about Diabetes, a short story…

Recently, I met this successful business owner. He owes several small companies. The guy is a hustler. He is married and has kids. He goes on to tell me he has diabetes, he doesn’t control and isn’t taking insulin—which he said he probably should. I ‘don’t value life as much as I should’ If I die tomorrow, it’s OK.

I told him that I resonated with me and since I don’t have a spouse and children, my death might impact less lives. I felt like I needed to remind him that his death process was one of an illness or incident that would kill quickly. Diabetes is not that kind of disease. Yes, diabetes increases risk for heart attack and stroke and you can die during your sleep. But by that time, a person would have already gone through a significant amount of pain and discomfort due to diabetes and its complications, especially when it’s not under controlled. He started to shake his head and said “I know, I know.”

Is he taking responsibility for his actions? I will let you decide and I will zip here it.

Do you think this person is ready for the Horstmann PILL?

Not yet. Why? It’s simple. There’s no sense of urgency. 

The Horstmann Weight Loss PILL will shake things up, require adjustments to be made in what??? Lifestyle.

There you have it, the 3rd ingredient starting with “L” of the Horstmann Weight Loss PILL is Lifestyle–healthy lifestyle.

>>>It’s time to rid of autopilot and welcome vitality from the inside out.

The foundational pillars for a healthy lifestyle include diet, sleep, stress reduction, exercise, supplementation as needed, mindset and habits, and even fun.

You might be asking…what’s new about a healthy lifestyle?

Most people have become more familiar with what lifestyle means, and the positive impacts of lifestyle choices. That’s especially true if you’re here right now.

How is this different from what’s available on the internet, or on YouTube, or the next coach, or even health practitioner you meet?

What makes the all-natural Horstmann PILL prescription the number one choice for you to choose my pill?

Here is the deal…

You’re unique. Your physiology. Your demands in life. Your actions and behaviors. Your family history. Your genetics. Your vital reserve. You are biochemically different than everyone out there.

As an integrative functional wellness coach, I help you uncover your uniqueness, learn about your body so the pathway is based on YOU.

You know the areas you need the most accountability, coaching, understanding, and tools. You know your body better than anyone else too. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Labs are just numbers on a piece of paper. Results must be correlated to YOU and your history.

Your ideal coach will meet you where you are at. In my case, before we kick off with any plan, we will talk and assess if I can help and we are a fit. When we move forward, at a minimum, you will complete a few forms that give me insights about you including your health history.

Maybe you are in your 20s and need general guidance and accountability because you’ve noticed you’re caffeine dependent, energy isn’t the same, something isn’t right with sleep so is with your focus at work. Yes, I will help you take charge back.

Maybe you are experiencing fatigue, brain fog, irritability, gained weight, digestion is not the same. And you feel like stress is taking charge. You feel like crap. You’re tired of not feeling well. Yes, let’s do this.  We’ll dive deeper here. I’ll ask to see your latest blood work and I will likely recommend additional labs so we see what’s going on with your hormones, cortisol, digestion, detoxification pathways. Test not guess.

Maybe you are experiencing all the above and more. You’ve been diagnosed with cardiovascular problems, blood sugar dysregulation, other organs weaknesses. Maybe we are taking medications too. Absolutely, let’s talk. Yes, we will dive deeper to get to the root cause or as close to it as possible. Functional labs are going to be part of the process. I am not only talking your blood work that most people are familiar with but also saliva, stool, and other methods. And yes, I have skills to explain the results so you. You want to know what I’ve just learned about your body!

The headlines and street conversations are “Take this for that. Do this for that. This one marker is high or low so do or take this.” Nothing in your body works isolated. The this for that can be part of what’s called relief care but not a solution. All the cells are working hard to offer 100% function. Poor cells, what I tough job considering the insane number of stressors we are exposed to these days compared to decades ago.

So, that’s it. Lifestyle recommendations ought to take YOUR uniqueness, demands, values, goals, biochemical individually in consideration. Otherwise, it’s ONE more THING in your TO DO list. And you have plenty of stuff in that list already.

Does it make why my lifestyle prescription is unique? You will not feel with an eBook with guidelines to follow alone. I will be there with you every step of the way. Together, we will make necessary adjustments to the initial protocol established. Together, we will execute. One step at a time. Our mantra is “PROGRESS over PERFECTION.”

Go get it, my friend. I believe in YOU. I am on your side. Reach out if you’d my guidance, mentorship, and personalized attention.

And by the way, in episode 27, I talked about the Nutrition Endocrinology Method and the 7 lifestyle pillars of health of I use coach up function and coach down Metabolic Chaos when I am working with my clients. Check that out if you’d like more on the subject.

Next episode, I will wrap up the mini-series. The last ingredient of my PILL is just perfect. Starts with L — want to guess?

Sending you love, health, and peace. Talk soon. Bye.

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