#38: Lost Your Power? How To Reclaim It…

#38: Lost Your Power? How To Reclaim It…



Do you believe that life is like a book that is divided into chapters? Some are long, others are short. Some are amazing, others are OK, and others are painful and awful. The latter makes you question “what is this all about?”

I went through a 40-day chapter. I felt like I was riding a very unstable roller coaster that triggered deep and hidden emotions. These emotions started to impact my health, motivation, productivity, and my ability to do my best work.

I lost my power! Have you lost yours?

I went on a quest to understand why I was allowing this to happen, why I was reacting the way I did, and why I was closing myself off. The lessons I extracted from this chapter were EXTREMELY valuable and insightful.

I believe that anxiety, tears, overwhelm, anger, fear, and emotional/mental exhaustion we experience in life have a purpose. The people involved in these life events become our greatest teachers. I couldn’t be more excited about the chapter that I’ve just started to write!

This next chapter is filled with growth, confidence, kindness, and self-fulfillment. In today’s episode, after being MIA for two weeks, I share a few things small parts of this chapter, lessons, and action steps I took to reclaim my power.

If you’ve ever lost your power or many you’re in a ‘black hole’ as we speak, take a listen.


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