#48: The Body’s Chemical “Factory” [Part 2] – The “Useless” Organ ?!?!

#48: The Body’s Chemical “Factory” [Part 2] – The “Useless” Organ ?!?!



In last episode #47, we talked about key functions of the liver and various sources of toxins. In today’s episode, we get to talk about the _________ and steps to prevent its removal. Yes, prevent removal since it’s one of the most common surgeries that is preventable with proper nutrition and lifestyle.

The body is an incredible machine. It’s resilient. However, when it’s consistently attacked, it might come to a breaking point. That is often the case with the _________. This powerful organ is not taken seriously. When __________ form and discomfort and pain raise, doctors are quick to remove the __________.

If you still have your __________as I do, you want to keep it because once it’s gone, you cannot expect the body to function optimally.

You are listening to this podcast so I know you want to thrive. So, let’s do just that and do it together…

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The liver produces bile, a critical fluid to the digestion and absorption of fats in the small intestine. That common hepatic duct drains the bile away from the liver and puts it into the gallbladder. The gallbladder stores it, concentrates it, and controls the flow of bile by secreting it when is needed and that is when we eat fats.

If you don’t have a gallbladder, the liver keeps producing and dripping bile into the intestine. This constant flow can cause nausea. You and I don’t want that, right?

Eventually, this nausea settles down but the real issue comes when you and I eat a lot of fat. The constant dripping isn’t enough, we need more and without the gallbladder, we don’t have this ability.

And who wants diet without fats? I do not!  We need fats for neurotransmitters, hormones, skin, brain health, reproduction, immune system, and the list go on. You and I need healthy fats. I eat plenty of fat. Today’s breakfast included avocado, coconut flakes, almonds, cashews, and Brazil nuts.

Now…here is another cool thing the gallbladder does that goes beyond the digestion of fats. It helps alkalize the food bolus from the stomach by secreting bicarbonate. Food bolus is like a ball-like mixture from chewing and saliva together. That’s not a nice picture to visualize. However, take a second to appreciate what the body is doing for you within seconds upon putting something in your mouth.

This matters because pancreatic enzymes that help break down carbs, protein, and fats need an alkaline environment to do their jobs well. No gallbladder, no bicarbonate to create the right pH for this ball-like substance. And that my friend, is how the gallbladder impacts the digestion and absorption of foods, including carbs.

And if you are getting technical, yes, the pancreas also secretes bicarbonate but do you really think that our body would assign this job to another organ unnecessarily?

Let me tell you a quick story. Earlier this year, an acquaintance of mine posted on social media

“That useless organ has been evicted!!”

I read the comments and found out she had her gallbladder removed.

I wished her a healthy recovery and said it was unfortunate to hear she was so happy to have removed such an important organ. She replied saying that “After a lot of pain and discomfort for almost 2 years I wasn’t sad to see it go. It wasn’t functioning properly.”

Likely what this person was experience were the typical side effects of a liver and gallbladder that aren’t healthy. They could be fatigue, gassy, bloating, depression, headaches, and pain from gallstones which is often the reason surgery happens. How can we expect to perform well when we cannot absorb foods properly?

We must listen to the signs the body sends out and take steps to correct the situation instead of patching symptoms with pills. We must get to the root cause of the problem because of surgeries.

The removal of an organ like the gallbladder doesn’t address the problem, does it? Plus, these stones can impact other organs like the liver and pancreas.

So why did the stones build up in the first place? How can I prevent this from happening? I hope you’re listening to me. Nutrition and lifestyle are key to your daily performance, my friend. And I am here to help you clean things up and/or keep things cleaned.

If you have been eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) that is rich in high fructose, added sugars, processed carbs and fats, conversational animal protein and their byproducts high in hormones and toxins, low in vegetables and fruits…well, whether you feel it or not, there is a chance inflammation and other issues are building on for some time.

And if you stopped the garbage months ago, congratulations!  You still need to heal so you achieve your weight goals, stop aches and pains, build muscles, protect your bones, and much more.

Do the work. Be patient. Your imbalances didn’t happen overnight. And of course, I am here to help you put a plan, implement, and celebrate your wins.

In the meantime, let’s talk about a few things you can do.

  • Water fasting is a way to decongest bile and prevent the formation of gallstones.
  • Incorporating milk thistle, dandelion, turmeric, and apple cider vinegar help thing the bile as well.
  • Taking bitters with meals will keep a good flow of bile as well. I’ve just ordered a liver bitter spray.

You can also do a liver and gallbladder cleanse. Earlier in June, I completed my 3rd within the past nine months.

Doctors are quick to remove this powerful organ. It’s not considered essential because we can live without it. Well, that doesn’t mean your body will be operating well. Often, when doctors remove it they will tell patients to be more careful eating fatty foods and goodbye. They do not educate patients on how will the organ removal will stress out the body and system. If we didn’t need an organ or gland, we would not have it. I just don’t understand this idea that x, w, z part of our bodies isn’t needed. HELLO!!!

The average doctor spends 7-10 minutes with a patient. Rarely, they ask questions about the patient’s digestion, poop’s consistency, color, appearance, and frequency. If your doctor does, he/she might be a keeper. I know mine has never asked me these types of questions and keep in mind that I used to have constipation, hemorrhoids, burping, bloating for years until I changed my lifestyle and ditch these issues.

There are a lot of things you can do to keep your liver and gallbladder healthy. Yet, it all starts with you wanting to changes a few things. You will do that when YOU believe that your body is your temple and respect it accordingly.


This is your health, your life. If you feel that you’re not operating at your best and you don’t have answers, don’t stop seeking answers. I’d love to be part of your health village. Go to www.BeFabBeYou.com to book a call and establish a plan of attack to get you to feel vibrant in your own skin and worried about aging and quality of life.

Stay tuned because next episode, I will share my experience about the live flushes I’ve done in the past nine months and some of the reasons you might want to consider doing one yourself.

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