#53: What Does Your Blood Say About Your Lifestyle?

#53: What Does Your Blood Say About Your Lifestyle?



Recently, I got a hold of a Continuous Glucose Monitor or CGM and the creative and curious Maria came out. What? My goal today is to evoke your curiosity because knowing that your blood sugar levels, besides that one reading when you see your doctor annually, is a pretty darn good reflection of your nutrition, lifestyle, and health. And definitely, you do not want to wait until your labs show prediabetes, insulin resistance, or diabetes. You have the choice of taking charge now and I am here to help you.

I did a couple of FB Lives about the CGM and I also touched upon my preparation steps for two different food sensitivity tests I will be doing in August. I uploaded the videos to my YouTube channel, subscribe HERE.

Let me tell you that using the CGM while I am still eating certain foods that either I had not eaten in a while or not eaten frequently has been FUN. Also, I will be talking more about different screenings from hormones, stress, blood labs, digestion, to food sensitivity in future episodes. Stay tuned.

OK, let me focus on today’s episode…


I want to keep the conversation about CGM high level just because in the new Metabolic Health podcast series, I will share important reasons a person without Diabetes get to do this, and heck more. Two things for you to know right now:

  • As the name says, Continuous Glucose Monitor measures your glucose or blood sugar continuously. Once you apply a sensor to the body, you can geek out like I do and scan yourself dozens of times a day. It’s addictive.
  • In the US, until recently, it has been hard to get one without a prescription. CGMs are critical for those with Diabetes, especially Type 1 Diabetes. Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not cover the cost for people with Type 2 Diabetes. It’s insane.

The access to CGMs to the non-diabetic community has expanded. It’s now being used for overall wellness and disease prevention. There are a few companies offering access to it without a doctor’s prescription. I will tell more…keep listening to this series.

Is it essential for someone without diabetes to have a CGM?

What it’s essential is for everyone to understand how their blood sugar responds to foods, beverages, and other lifestyle practices. Whether you do this by pricking your finger as I’ve done for a few years now or by using a CGM for weeks or months, I highly encourage you to do so.

If you want guidance, accountability, and a plan to action to help you transform your health, energy, and life, let’s work one-on-one. Schedule a complimentary session with me. Go to BeFabBeYou.com and get the ball rolling.

You may have not noticed that I am very curious about understanding my body and mind. I want to you be the same too, by the way. In addition to paying close attention to our bodies and minds, testing comes handy especially for those who like numbers and need to proof for most things.

Just to be clear, I am talking about health screenings such as blood, saliva, and stool.

Let me make this very clear. You need to know and understand this.

Hundreds of screenings do NOT require any physician’s prescription or order. You heard me correctly. I’ve done some very comprehensive blood, saliva, and stool tests —for myself. All I needed was payment information and my fingers to complete the order online. I do the same for my clients. You may need someone like myself to interpret lab results. It’s about feeling empowered and in control of your own health, the aging process, and life.

So, if you like seeing numbers and data to believe, I hear you. My background is in accounting and finance. I am all about numbers, data, and wanting to know the why for and of everything.

Whether the results are used to know where you at right at this point and you are testing as a follow-up, screenings are powerful as long as you sit down to use them to establish a plan and take action. The action could be a health and habits overhaul, tweaks, or maintenance.

Understanding our blood sugars, one of the essential biomarkers of metabolic health, is not only a fascinating process but is also effective when it comes to establishing a plan to manage weight and fat, energy, mental clarity, hormones, and emotions. Management of this metabolic health biomarker will help us prevent chronic disease, surgeries, and help age beautifully.

Isn’t it amazing what pricking our fingers or using a CGM can do for us?  Why aren’t more people doing it?

The understanding/management of blood sugar is SO FREAKING underestimated outside the diabetic community. And even within the community, I see lots of opportunities for knowledge growth because a large group of people with Type 2 Diabetes measure their glucose upon waking, 2 hours after meals. That’s a great underutilization of this tool.

When we understand and optimize our glucose levels, we also improve our sleep, diet, digestion, stress, and all by-products of these lifestyle. Is it the most important thing? No, but it’s a fundamental part of you the health puzzle.

It’s a beautiful thing!

I will say this…

If you are feeling overwhelmed, uncertain of getting steps to get your health back, cannot lose weight, and want to get control of a food addiction…or maybe you’re bored and need some entertainment, start measuring and learning what your blood has to say about your habits and lifestyle.

The theme for August in this podcast is Metabolic Health with a good deal of information about blood sugar levels. We will start by understanding the basic questions of what metabolic health means, biomarkers involved, why it’s important, and what you can do to improve it. We will also touch on metabolic health and weight loss, diabetes prevention, and the immune system. And of course, since I’ve opted into being my very own lab rat for testing different foods with the CGM, I will share more about it in my experiments.

Oh, let me clarify this temporary eating behavior of mine, which includes what I consider junk foods, and testing a little further. Why would I do this to myself? In a nutshell, the main reasons are

One, it’s FUN

Two, it’s informative – the body sends signals of irritants often. Yet, there are many things happening inside that we don’t get a signal for. That’s one of the beauties of measuring blood sugar.

Three, I can do it. I am relatively healthy, I know my body has enough vital reserve to recover from all this self-induced temporary mess, and I know what to do to heal. I am comfortable doing this.

Four, whenever possible, I prefer speaking, educating, and coaching from my own experiences.

Talking about experiences, here are examples of foods I’ve tested in the last few days. I will share detailed results soon.

Overnight oats, regular oats, fiber and chocolate, wings, chicken fingers, and oat milk. I have another 9 days of testing with this CGM and until I do my food sensitivity tests. I made a list of foods and scenarios to test. It’s pretty exciting and fun!

That’s it for today, my friend. If the content I have been sharing with you is helpful and inspiring, help the show out. Go to iTunes and leave a review and feedback so more awesome people have access to it. Thanks again for doing that and I will talk to you soon.

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