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Is your office seeking solutions to…

  • Improve employees’ retention?
  • Increase moral in the office?
  • Bump productivity?
  • Decrease absenteeism (Sick Day)?
  • Decrease presenteeism (Be In But Not Really)?
  • Lower insurance premiums?

I worked 25 years in corporate jobs. Most of them were very demanding, stressful, and long hours. Working with companies to implement programs that educate and empower their employees achieve optimal wellness inside and outside the workplace is very rewarding.

I understand the pressure most people are under daily and most importantly, I know the positive impact a program like mine can make to each participating employee. I will design a program that fits your company culture and needs. Your program may be customized to include…

  • Lunch & Learns on various topics of health, wellness, and fitness
  • One-on-One Health Coaching Sessions (onsite or offsite)
  • Group Health Coaching Sessions (onsite or offsite)
  • Fitness Sessions
  • Implementation and management of team challenges
  • HIPAA Compliant Health Assessments
  • Lunch and Snacks makeover recommendations
  • Group health programs such as Blood Sugar/Insulin Resistance and Purification/Cleanse programs
  • Bring other wellness organizations to offer on-site massage therapy and chiropractic services.

Be Fab – Be You LLC offers in-person support and accountability most people need to succeed when they embark on healthier lifestyle!


  • In 2013, the average award granted employees for participation in corporate wellness programs was $450
  • 63% of 100 Best Places to Work subsidized offsite fitness centers
  • 55% of employees receive their health insurance from their employers who subsidize 75% of the cost
  • Almost 60% of employers operate a self-insured/selfdirected medical benefits plan and that number is rising
  • With proper nutrition, 45,000,000 sick days could be avoided each year in the US alone, a savings of over $73 billion
  • Poor health results in $1,900 to $2,250 in lost revenue per employee every year
  • 75% of all health benefits go to treat people with chronic diseases/conditions
  • Obesity costs US employers over $70 billion each year
  • An obese employee is absent 2.3 times more often than a fit employee
  • The estimated costs of obesity in a hypothetical 1-million-member health plan is $29 per member per month