Prowler / Sled Push

Prowler / Sled Push

Prowler push killed my good intentions of doing a short routine post workout.

How did you move your fanny? The prowler, the killer, showed me no-no, as usual. Pushing a sled fires up the glutes, hamstrings, calves and quads. Lots of big muscles. Wonder why leaves me and most people sucking air and grasping for anything that resembles life support afterwards 🙂

15 min AMRAP (Teams of 2)
20 DB Thrusters (25 lbs) – 10x person
40m Prowler Push (140 & down to 120 lbs total weight). Each person pushed 20m
20 KBS (35 lbs) – 10x person
40m Prowler Push (as a above)

Cash-out 15 minutes later:

Tabata Plank. By round 4, abs started to get on fire.

Elisabether and I were short by 30m prowler to complete 4 rounds. We did first round with 140 lbs and dropped it to 120 lbs. Although, I was DONE DONE after this short 15 minute workout, energy burst showed up shortly after. It always reminds me why I LOVE to exercise.  

I will be getting a good night of sleep tonight! Cheers everyone.