Personal Training

Personal Training: Move for a Purpose

NO EXCUSES: Live Online, In-Person, One-on-One, Group. 




  • Accountability
  • Non-judgemental support
  • Individualized programming
  • Motivation
  • Emphasis on technique
  • Injury prevention
  • Maximization of workout/minimize time
  • More fun & better results

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Live Online Services:

  • 1-1 sessions: 45 or 60 minutes
  • Group Classes: 1 hour
  • Online = Train From Anywhere

In-Person Services:

  • 1-1 sessions: 45 or 60 minutes
  • 2-1 sessions (you + friend): 60 minutes
  • We Come To You: House-calls available



taste Physical, Emotional, and Mental STRENGTH
  • Introductory One Time Offer To New Clients Only
  • 3x 45 Minutes for $99.00  (45% Off)
  • 1:1 Personal Training
  • Sessions must be completed within 30 days after purchase
  • Choose  LIVE ONLINE and/or IN-PERSON (Atlanta, GA)



NO EXCUSES: Online and In-Person Training

Is LIVE Online Personal Training Ideal for You?

Online might be what you need to bypass EXCUSES, build and/sustain your fitness goals, and stop the YO-YO Exercise.


SIGN-UP for a FREE GROUP CLASS before you assume it’s not for you, or it’s not effective, or it won’t work because you got ‘body parts’ issues — who doesn’t? Plus, you will have a taste for Maria’s personality and abilities.

Enter Code ‘groupweb to get your complimentary session.

Online makes EXERCISE and Personal Training accessible, internet required, to more people. And when you travel, I go with you. NO EXCUSES 🙂

You have choices: one-on-one or group classes (lower cost/session).

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Remember that if live in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas, in-person is perfect too. 



1:1 PERSONAL TRAINING PACKAGES: In-Person or Live Online

60-Minute Sessions

In a 60-Minute Session, you will experience a total-body, functional workout. We’ll have time to address the building blocks of fitness and more: flexibility, balance, cardiovascular, and strength or even power. Your beginning is my beginning. We will make progress day after day!

45-Minute Sessions

Why 45 Minutes and not 30 Minutes?

45-minute sessions go almost as fast as a 30-minute 🙂   The extra 15 minutes, compared to 30-minute sessions, gives us the opportunity to stretching, balance, flexibility, introduce new movements, and get a great workout in.

This is especially important if you are coming straight from home for early workouts, and after work (sitting in traffic). The body need a few minutes of adjustments before we ‘hit it’ — what the level you walk in.

Schedule your complimentary fitness assessment IN-PERSON or ONLINE Today!



Accountability   |   Encouragement   |   Value   |   More Fun

Our 2:1 Personal Training Sessions are designed for you to build accountability into your new healthy lifestyle. You and your friend will keep each other accountable to your fitness schedule when you’re working out TOGETHER with me.

We incorporate individual and partner exercises, focusing on strength, heart health, weight loss, and body longevity. You will an excellent workout, designed for your individual needs and conducted together. After you are done, you will share how great you felt, laugh about, and plan for the next one!

Partner Workout-Personal Trainer-Atlanta-Virtual-Be Fab Be You



Why Choose Trainer / Coach Maria?

Maria is more than a personal trainer…

She is a holistic health/wellness coach, an insulin resistance coach, speaker, and corporate wellness consultant and with 20+ years of experience working in corporate America. That is, she understands busy, stress, and additions the office environment facilitates. Maria reversed her pre-diabetes and many digestive issues before she left corporate to help other busy professionals and the super busy moms out there.

Maria’s mission is to transform people’s lifestyles and health. Good health gives us ENERGY to DO MORE, LIVE MORE, BE MORE PRESENT. With her guidance, Maria takes you in a personal growth journey, one that builds incredible physical, emotional, and mental strength.

Speaker PCOS Symposium - Health Coach Personal Trainer - Atlanta - Be Fab - Be You - Maria Horstmann

Schedule a Complimentary Energy Audit Today!

Weight comes out once you put the basics health habits in place and start building consistency. These two pieces will give you more feel confident, increase discipline, and build a mindset to succeed. The right coach, exercise modalities, accountability, support, and tools make up a good recipe.

As a coach, one of Maria’s jobs is to help you set and achieve your goals. That includes, she will help you identify and eliminate the debris in your way so you can lose weight, have more energy, build physical and mental strength to knock out your to-do list.

Maria wants you to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. She wants you to go to bed empowered by the decisions you’ve chosen during the day. Lastly, she is committed to helping you ditch the YO-YO Exercise and Lifestyle. Her motto is ‘NO EXCUSES’.

Wherever you are, whatever busy career you have, as long as you allow yourself to FEEL BETTER, ACHIEVE MORE, she is your coach. She offers training and coaching sessions ONLINE and/or in-person (Atlanta, GA).





Ask Yourself these questions…

  1. Is my health preventing me from doing more of what I enjoy?
  2. Do I feel focused and productive?
  3. Do I feel confident, well, and energetic?
  4. Am I at risk of metabolic, chronic, and cardiovascular diseases?
  5. Am I at risk of osteoporosis? 70% of women 65+ years of age are…
  6. Am I taking the steps to maintain mobility and cognitive health?
  7. Have I succeeded in building effective exercise routines?

If You Answered YES to Any of These Questions, Let’s Talk.

Call me at (770) 835-5490 or even better, schedule an assessment online or in-person.





According to Exercise is Medicine (EIM), “Physical inactivity is a leading cause of death worldwide and is a major risk factor for chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and several different cancers.” Now, add inadequate nutrition and you understand the reason so many people feel and are sick.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that exercise compensates for poor nutrition. “I exercise so I can eat anything I want” is not your road map to optimal health!

Not only inadequate or excess nutrition, high levels of stress, and poor sleep prevent you from performing your best during workout sessions, but also deteriorates the health of gut, organs, and brain cells over time. Why do you think so many diseases ‘show up’ later in life? why are so many diseases are showing up earlier and earlier? Exercise Is Medicine. Physical activity is one the key lifestyle areas we must pay attention in order to live healthy today and age beautifully. The health benefits are almost countless–scientific studies don’t stop being published.