Pull Ups, Box Jumps, Power Snatch

Pull Ups, Box Jumps, Power Snatch

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10x Pull ups, 10x power snatches 55 lbs, 25x box jumps 20in. How did you move your fanny?

Do 3 rounds for that for a good workout. completed in 12:32min

My upper back is so so sore from Brian’s work on me yesterday. Very expected…It’s not my first rodeo.

Have moved my fanny was the right thing, followed by IDLife post workout to help with muscle recovery. This morning, I could tell I was dehydrated? How? easy…just look at the color of urine is one way. Thus, so had a hydrate with approx 40oz of water within less than two hours. Muscle tissue is approx 75% water…let’s drink!

Box Jump

Box Jump


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