Reclaiming Emotional Control During Stressful and Anxious [Election] Days

Reclaiming Emotional Control During Stressful and Anxious [Election] Days

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How are you feeling today?

Anxious? Stressed out? Worried? Concerned? Hopeless? Hopeful? Frustrated?

If you are reading this message on November 3rd, 2020, you live in The United States of America, you might find yourself, family, friends, and peers on the edge as we will soon learn who will lead this amazing country for the next four years. And if you have the privilege to vote, I hope did just that and made your opinion count.


I have seen TENSION and STRESS build-up rapidly in the 2-3 weeks. Have you noticed it as well? Or maybe you are feeling anxious, nervous, stressed out about what’s ahead of you, election wise?

You must know that is tension and stress are just destructive in many ways. Maybe you have an idea but you are unaware of the fact that stress impacts us on a cellular level. Yet, whether you know it not, there are times, we feel paralyzed by fear and life events and curveballs. It’s OK to feel that way. We are NOT robots.

I am not here to discuss politics, candidates, and/or make predictions about the elections. However, as a health/wellness advocate, I am here to educate and inspire you to keep taking positive steps toward becoming your best self despite of what’s going on OUT THERE.


That said, I shared my thoughts and a few health tips in a video. Click HERE to watch/listen to it.

And, I wanted to share the Live video of Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” recorded yesterday about the current events: elections!

I loved the story and perspective she shared and I thought you would appreciate it as well. CLICK HERE to Elizabeth Gilbert Facebook Live HERE – feel free to fast forward to minute 5 🙂

If there is anything you would like to share your thoughts related to any of the topics I am discussing here and videos, I would love to hear. Send me an email, call, or text me.

Sending you love, compassion, and positive energy.


P.S. And per Liz’s, let’s dance 🙂

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