Self care is so important. It’s one of the first topics I discuss with my clients, especially women. I am not perfect and I do go neglecting my body. Problem is I don’t have an accountability partner and gets hard at a times. Today, I want to thank Brian Fox,  a phenomenal sports massage therapist who has worked on my me a few times, for spending 1.5 hours working hard on my upper body. Brian also asked me to TAKE CARE OF MYSELF AS WELL. I promised him I will do a better job going forward!

No kidding, I have yet to meet someone as good as or better than Brian on this area. His understanding of the body, knowledge of body anatomy, and technique are special. And, he’s a nice guy! Don’t waste your money with mediocre massage therapist. Give Brian a call next time your body is screaming for realignment and mobility. I will put you in touch with him!

Yes, I was screaming in pain for most of the time, there was no workout around. Didn’t matter the amount of pressure he applied…the tissues have been abused for too long.

I injured my left shoulder three months…left keeps compensating for chronic issues on the right side, unfortunately. I have been slowly working my way back…I have also been feeling the tightness and soreness every time stretch the area post workouts. As expected, shoulders are sore from the massage. They got what they needed. I told Brian…’I will be feeling your fingers for the rest of the week  😯 ‘ Can you tell i was a little beat up just before I left him?

Cheers to good pain. Cheers to self-care! 

Self-Care TIme

Body was in shock after intense massage. Thanks Brian Fox!