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Become a Wellness Warrior. Transform Yourself. Empower Others.  I will help map out a strategy and develop a plan of action specific to YOUR health, wellness, and fitness needs. Stop struggling with weight, belly fat, fatigue, burnout, brain fog, blood sugar imbalances (pre-diabetes and insulin resistance), hormonal imbalances, digestion, inflammation, depression, stress, and sleep. Let me help you restore your vitality and energy and put you in control of your well-being.

Find below a snap shot of services Be Fab – Be You offers.


The following one-on-one and individualized solutions are successful because of the level of knowledge, accountability, and support they offer.

  • Jumpstart Your Vitality Strategy Session
    • 90-minute session (included with every WW Coaching Package)
      • Complete a series of health questionnaires, receive recommendations of how to improve your lifestyle, health, and well-being.
      • Receive tips/action items you can implement immediately.
      • Get a plan of action to help you achieve your health goals.
  • Be Fab Health Makeover: 30-Day Program
    • Reclaim Your Vitality and Confidence in 30 days.
  • Be Fab – Be Radiant: 90-Day Program
    • Lose Weight. Say Bye To Brain Fog and Burnout. Reclaim Balance in 90 days.
  • 90-Day Sweet Redemption Program
    • Are struggling with weight, belly fat, poor energy, cravings, fatigue, brain fog, burnout, and cravings? If so, you may have a blood sugar imbalances and have insulin resistance.
    • Lose weight, gain energy, reduce belly fat and brain fog, regulate hormones.
    • Is your HA1C greater than 5.7?
    • Balance your blood sugar.
    • Restore insulin sensitivity.
    • Learn more about this cornerstone guided program.
  • Transformational Programs
    • 6-Month Be Mindful – Be Fierce Program
    • 12-Month Be Transformed – Be A Wellness Warrior Program
    • These programs will take you on a amazing journey of personal transformation. You will regain control of your body and mind and feel your best again!
    • Personalized to meet your health needs. Together, we will dive into the journey to help you overcome your health challenges that might include inflammation, blood sugar and insulin resistance, digestion, thyroid, or hormonal imbalances.


  • Personal/Fitness Training: 1:1, 2:1, and Group
    • Give it Personal Trainer a Try: Three (3) Sessions of 45 minutes for a steal of $99.
    • Live Online: 1:1, Duets, and Group Classes.
    • In Person: in Vinings, GA and House Calls.
    • Training Packages of 10, 20, 30 sessions available.
    • No membership. No Contract.
    • More information here.

  • Strong Bones for Life
    • 8-week Program designed for women
    • 100% live online – do from the comfort of your home
    • Target to prevent and manage bone health diseases such as osteopenia and osteoporosis
    • Learn more HERE


  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
    • Does your doctor tell you are within the ‘normal’ ranges and yet, you do not feel healthy? You know that there’s something not ‘right’?
    • Get to the root cause. Get a functional perspective. I will analyze your existing labs or make a recommendation of labs for you if applicable.
    • Learn more here.

  • Nutrigenomics: Genetics Testing and Analysis
    • Nutrigenomics examines relationships between what we eat and our risk and response to disease and the molecular mediators – genes and gene expression and biomarkers, such as hormones or metabolites – between them.
    • Nutrigenomics approaches are being applied to a wide range of conditions including metabolic syndrome, gut microbiota, mental health, and the correlation between nutrient intake and diseases.

  • Grocery Shopping Tour
  • Pantry/Kitchen Remake


  • Most wellness programs offer tools. Be Fab – Be You offers knowledge, one-on-one accountability and support employees need to achieve optimal wellness inside and outside the workplace.
  • Services a company may choose to offer may include fitness, one-on-one sessions, challenges, lunch and learn, snacks and lunch recommendations, and more.
  • Learn more about our unique solutions here


  • Maria is a dynamic and inspiring speaker on various pillars of health including mindset/values, goal settting, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress.
  • Targeted content/presentations may include:
    • Energy, productivity, focus
    • Brain health
    • Blood sugar and insulin resistance
    • Illness prevention and management (Diabetes, Cardio Vascular Health, Gut Health, Inflammation, PCOS, and others)
  • Maria uses a holistic approach to healing. Her presentation will always address one or more of the pillars of health mentioned above.
  • Maria worked 20+ years in Corporate before she left to start Be Fab – Be You LLC. She spent the last several years working alongside Executives as an accounting adn finance professional.
  • Looking for a speaker? Contact Maria at 770-835-5490 or via email at mhorstmann@BeFabBeYou.com today to discuss your needs.

So, what is the value of working with a coach? Staying committed to health, wellness, and fitness is not always easy. This is about you, your goals, your body and mind, your health, your happiness, your future. Preparing, planning, and implementing steps to a healthier you are easier said than done. Once you’re IN, your choices will surprise most of your family and friends. They will challenge your actions and question your doings. I have been there, done that! Knowledge, self awareness and commitment to long-term health, especially prevention, kept me focused. I am thankful for my own health roller-coaster–it has made me a better coach. Now in my 40’s, I feel my best and I am very in-tune with my body and mind. You can be as well–regardless of your age. As a health coach, one of my jobs is to assure you reconnect with what’s most important to you and stay on track. To provide you guidance—help you digest & comprehend all the information out there regarding smart nutrition choices, foods, healthy habits, and fitness. Maybe, what you need is someone to hold you accountable to making healthy choices, help you set goals and inspire you to reach them. Sometimes you need someone to challenge your status quo, to get you out of your comfort zone and motivate you to perform at higher levels. Sometimes you need someone who has been where you are, someone to ‘vent’ about challenges, to and celebrate small accomplishments with. Sometimes you need someone to tell you: ‘YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK’ , ‘YOU CAN DO IT!’ These are of benefits of having a health wellness coach next to you. I love what I do. I love coaching people. I love being a resource for health/wellness and fitness. I love I am rewarded by helping people overcome their own health challenges, grown, become a wellness warrior, become a role model. and help them make tweaks to their lifestyle habits for prevention. I have learned to appreciate my journey, new education, changes, and challenges. You will feel the same!  Join me!

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