“The biggest eye opener was the symptomology and allergy testing and supplements from Standard Process. It is fascinating to physically see your body react to certain foods/products/ingredients without running clinical tests.”
“Maria offers Muscle Response/Reflex testing. Once administered the results helped us identify areas of nutritional deficiency within my body, and correcting the deficiencies with food based supplements from Standard Process via “Be Fab Be You”. The first day or two taking supplements l felt them working immediately. I no longer have sugar cravings, my appetite is under control, l have more energy, l also sleep well at night and feel energetic all the day!”
“Whole foods are the best natural source of vitamins. The key to the highest quality is the manufacturing process. Whole Food Nutrition Begins with Sun, Waterm and Fertile Soil – Dr.Royal Lee”
Standard Process manufacturers high quality whole-foods based supplements and much of the plant material is grown on their own certified organic farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin. These supplements have proven to be very effective at supporting the body’s nutritional needs.
Standard Process is committed to providing high quality products to you improve your quality of life. You will not find SP products at drug stores. ​Products are sold through Health Care Professionals to assure your safety and care. I have been active with Standard Process and in order to bring you this high quality whole-food supplement, I work with Dr. Rob Holewinski, DC.
Quality is key when choosing a supplement! Americans are overfed yet undernourished. Supplements that include organic whole foods can help bridge the nutritional gap.
Check out section on Applied Nutritional Analysis (aka muscle testing, applied Kinesiology) to learn how we use Standard Process supplements to evaluate body’s imbalances and assess its needs, test for allergies, and get to the root cause of most people’s health problems without lab tests.
Learn more about Standard Process organic whole-foods based supplement below. Check out the video which Kerri Walsh Jennings, three-time Olympic gold medalist, talk about her experience with the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program.
“The 21-day Standard Process Purification Program leaves me feeling revived, proud, and ready to take on life on my own terms – Kerri Walsh Jennings, Three-time Olympic gold medalist”

Watch this video and understand the important of whole foods when choosing your supplements.

Watch this video and learn how Standard Process manages it’s organically certified farmland to grow the ingredients needed for their whole food supplements!
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