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Welcoming Amazing Interns

I am so excited to welcome Jada and Annie to the Be Fab – Be You family. These two bright and amazing girls from Charter North Springs High School in Sandy Springs started to intern with me. When college comes... Read More

Hiking: Easy Level – Vickery Creek Trail

Hiking Vickery Creek Trail – Easy Level – Trail Details & Directions: 3.5miles, easy/moderate level. $3 parking.   ***Read this entire message   – PLEASE, PLEASE HAVE a healthy and balanced breakfast before the hike (healthy carbs, fats,... Read More

Are You Living Life To The Fullest?

I believe investing is our health is the most important financial decision we can make in our lifetime. I believe everyone deserves to: feel vibrant and strong inside-out. have an incredible zest for life. replace opportunities or fears. travel and explore. grow, expand, and... Read More

Fruits and Veggies—More Matters Month

What is in for you? More DIETARY fiber, vitamins, and mineral More plant-based protein — YES, vegetables have protein! Keep appetite in check Reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and more Organic or not, just eat more of them! Isn’t... Read More

Sutallee Trail Hiking: Easy/Beginners

Sutallee Trail: Easy/Beginners Level Hike Sutallee Trail is a 5.2 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Canton, GA that features a river and is rated as moderate. However, a couple of friends hiked this trail recently and reported ‘easy’.... Read More

Arabia Mtn Hiking: Moderate

Arabia Mountain: Arabia Lake, Boardwalk, & Summit Trail – Hiking details & Directions: 5.1miles and approx 30min from Vinings—just for a point of reference. This is a Moderate Level hike–not recommended for beginners. GPS Coordinates: 33.672095, -84.117488 Updates to the... Read More

Measure Your Antioxidant Levels for FREE

Do You Know What’s Your Level Of Carotenoids? It takes 30 seconds! Why should we care? Well, they are an indication of overall antioxidant levels. Antioxidants help protect our bodies against free radicals invaders. What are free radicals? We are exposed... Read More

Hiking: Healthy Time To Catch Up

Hiking Sweetwater Creek was short and sweet. I was up at 7am, left the house at 8:35am, started the hike around 9:15am, hiked 3 miles with 23 pounds backpack and was done at 10:35am, got home at 11:10am, ate and showered... Read More

Physical Activity, Sweat, and Hydration

What’s your favorite physical activity? Want to improve your ability to do daily activities and perform at your best? Are you concerned that your health and lifestyle might, soon if not already, get on your way of doing activities you... Read More

Be Fab – Be Moving! Hurt So Good!

Hello Wellness Warriors! Have you heard people who enjoy physical activity say “It hurt so good“? That was me on Monday, a day after steep and speedy 5.1 miles hike, and after yesterday’s 38:30min workout. 5 Rounds: 10 Pull-ups 10... Read More

Happy Gardening Exercise Day

Happy National Gardening Exercise Day! An added bonus of gardening? Not only do you get the fruits of your labor, but you also burn calories! NO EXCUSES. At work. At Home. Take The Step. We Come To You! BE MOVING, BE... Read More

Hiking Unicoi – Feel FAB

Unicoi Trail was different today! I love this trail. It’s physically demanding and packed nature. Today, it was different and for a few reasons. It rained yesterday and overnight. Birds were happy and chirping loud, air was fresher, fannies moved fast,... Read More

Green Slaw with Thai Dressing Recipe

Recipe Corner: Green Slaw with Thai Dressing  This recipe is full of nutrition. It delivers healthy carbs and protein from vegetables and healthy fats from coconut. Plus, cruciferous vegetables are natural detoxifiers. Meals like this will bump your energy, you... Read More

Corporate Wellness Fact

67% of employers say poor employee health habits are a top challenge of maintaining affordable coverage! Be Fab – Be You LLC customizes programs for corporations of all sizes. Become the role model for your employees and colleagues– help them... Read More