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DL-Box Jumps-GHDs-DUs

15 minutes of Deadlifts (DL), Box Jumps, GHD sit ups, and Double Unders will get your fanny moving and sweaty. Completed 5 rounds and 20 reps in 15 minutes. 3/25/16,...... Read More

Lots of Kisses! Buddy is the real deal!

I am loving my Saturdays’ self-care. Moved my fanny at the gym and on sand courts with my lovely friends and budy, then hit the sauna to wrap it up....... Read More

Pull Ups, Box Jumps, Power Snatch

10x Pull ups, 10x power snatches 55 lbs, 25x box jumps 20in. How did you move your fanny? Do 3 rounds for that for a good workout. completed in 12:32min...... Read More

Thrusters are back, 2/25

How did you move your fanny? Share here. Reintroduced another overhead movement…thrusters, light and in line with road to recovery.  3 roundsRow 500m15 GHD sit ups21 Box Jumps (20in) Rest for...... Read More