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Moving My Fanny…Double For A Change Again

Moved my Fanny and got a double workout again. After completing a 38 hour and 20 hour fasting, food in the belly, recharged energy, felt like I could add another workout on top of 12 min AMRAP. Workout #1: 12 min... Read More

Broccoli, Leek, Carrot, Yucca, Crock-pot Soup

This crock-pot broccoli soup never fails to taste amazingly good. It does not matter how I change it every time I make it. This soup is rich in healthy carbs, protein, fats, and micronutrients! If you know my wellness warrior... Read More

Basics Go Long Ways

Basic movements go long ways. We can always pretty it up. The reality is the attitude we have toward health wellness and fitness is key to success. You are in control to ‘read’ a routine as ‘boring’ or you can... Read More

Ouch to Day 2 Post Lunges – Give Me More

My glutes are burning. Ouch! Today, 4/5/16, two days after I did 60 lunges with 25 lbs per arm, yes, glutes are on fire. Well, why not doing some more so keep muscles awake? 4 Rounds24 Calorie Row06 Right Arm DB... Read More

Workout Smarter!

On Monday, 4/4/16, moved my Fanny for 18:51 minutes with the routine below. I was a little sore from all the lunges I did on Sunday.  800m Run15 Hang Squat Cleans (65 lbs)20 DB Press 20 lbs per arm30 GHD... Read More

Sunday Double!

            Woke up early on Sunday at 6:30am ready to Move my Fanny at 7am!  Double fitness fun day! Energy boost post workout, healthy and balanced breakfast, and got ready to do some work done... Read More

Blood Sugar Balancing Series: Part 1

Welcome to Be Fab – Be You Blood Sugar Management Video Series Part 1 gives an introduction to symptoms and consequences of insulin resistance and lifestyle areas that can be addressed to manage long term impact of high blood sugar... Read More

Work-Life Balance: Ball, Sauna, Nap, Work

It’s self-care day. It’s Saturday work-life balance practice day. Yay!!!   Are you giving yourself a few hours for self-care on a weekly basis? Moved my fanny playing sand volleyball with my lovely friends–I must say, I put minimum efforts on... Read More

Cauliflower Popcorn

Cauliflower popcorn is a super healthy sub for corn popcorn. Absolutely amazing, simple, and nutritious. – 2 heads of cauliflower cut in florets (they shrink in the dehydrator so don’t cut them too small—yet they must fit your dehydrator) –... Read More

Tabata – Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity

Finally, I’ve caught up posting my workouts 🙂  Today, 3/30/16, got back to deadlifts combined with DB press and wall handstand hold. Then, Tabata row bursts — push hard to improve heart and muscle capacity in the long term! Strength... Read More

Health & Fitness Coaching To Inspire

  Health Coaching and Functional Fitness for Corporations, Busy Executives,Professionals, and Moms. Individualized Programs! Kathy, a loyal client of mine, stepped up and moved her fanny really well. She had no idea what I had in store for her. She... Read More

Sunday Self Care = Double Monday!

Easter Self-Care Day = Double Workout Monday On Sunday 3/27/16, a friend hosted Easter brunch at her house for several of her friends. I had such a great time. My plans were to stay for 2-3 hours and go on... Read More

Bench Press – Hello Again

Decided it was time to bring bench presses back. Yesterday, /29/16, I brought bench press back to my routine. Hadn’t done them in months, sometime prior to shoulder injury in Dec 2015. I felt weak…not surprising since I had to... Read More

Kickboxing Is Back

My Saturday, 3/26/16, morning was exciting. Got about 10 minutes of kickboxing in before completing the WOD movements that surely could have destroyed my shoulders. Took it easy on the weight, focused on form, and shoulders came home with me... Read More

Sugar rush shrinks brain cell powerhouse (mitochondria)

Blood Sugar, Neurons, Insulin Sensitivity, Muscles, and Your Health. Just listened to Dr. Diano shared her study on how sugar impacts neurons in the mitochondria of brain cells. Had to share my notes. As an insulin resistance/blood sugar coach, this topic... Read More