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DL-Box Jumps-GHDs-DUs

15 minutes of Deadlifts (DL), Box Jumps, GHD sit ups, and Double Unders will get your fanny moving and sweaty. Completed 5 rounds and 20 reps in 15 minutes. 3/25/16, great quick workout. How have you been moving your fanny... Read More

Rest Day: Easy 5K – Got Muscles Movings

Tuesday, 3/22, Rest Day I avoid working out more than 3 days in a row. Nonetheless, it is important to keep moving our fannies. Body is not made to do nothing. It was a great way to see the sun... Read More

Snatches and DUs

Snatches are very complex and technical movements. It’s by far my weakness movement. My chronic shoulder issues, born way before I started crossfit, make really hard to experience progress. Unless I practice the movement and every fix my shoulders, I... Read More

Deadlifts – Watch Your Back!

Deadlifts are great movements…watch your back! Poor form performing deadlifts can cause significant harm to your lower back. Monitor your form to use proper muscles when lifting, be careful of weight, and number of reps. Work with a trainer, practice... Read More

Delish Roasted Red Cabbage Recipe

I had two small-medium size red cabbages in the fridge. Most of the time, I eat cabbage raw, steamed, sauteed, or add to recipes as an ingredient. Yesterday, I roasted them for the first time. I was amazed how DELISH it... Read More

DB Front Squats Will Move Your Fanny!

DB Front Squats – Keep It Functional! I am going to tell you, want to fatigue your legs and heart rate up quickly, incorporate DB (dumbbell) front squats and move your fanny really well–stick to functional exercises. How did you get... Read More

Lots of Kisses! Buddy is the real deal!

I am loving my Saturdays’ self-care. Moved my fanny at the gym and on sand courts with my lovely friends and budy, then hit the sauna to wrap it up. Today was EXTRA SPECIAL. I got lots of KISSES. Unconditional... Read More


“It is not how much we give but how  much love we put into giving.” — Mother Thereza... Read More

Poor hydration & breathing=poor performance

I had not felt so depleted and fatigued during and after a workout in a long time. Yesterday’s 15min did for me! Two-three minutes into, at the beginning of round 2, I recognized I was dehydrated. Amongst several downsides, dehydration... Read More

Shoulders Watch

Lots of shoulder on 3/16/16 WOD…went light to minimize chances of damaging more of my ‘goods’ while getting a good workout. Gotta save shoulders for volleyball  🙂  How did you move your fanny? Mins 1 & 2: 200m Run +... Read More

Victory Against GMOs

 Learn more about GMOs and the project here   This is a huge win! Pay attention to manufacturers. Say NO to GMO products. By doing that, you are doing your health a HUGE favor. Learn more about GMOs and... Read More

My Wellness Warrior Story

Maria Horstmann, MBA, CPT, PNL1, IRC, founded Be Fab – Be You LLC in 2014. I hope that my Wellness Warrior Story inspires you to join my movement to transform as many lives as possible.  As former Finance Professional, I’m... Read More

Moved Your Fanny? Thrusters, Row, DUs

Whatever rocks your boat…just don’t STOP moving your fanny. Our bodies weren’t made to sit all day. Best for metabolism and fat burning is to incorporate bursts throughout the day. Warmed up with front squats then moved to the WOD,... Read More

Break a good sweat in 10min

Breaked a great sweat in 10:42min today!   How did you move your fanny? Moderate activity? 15-20min warm-up, stretch, and mobility before a good sweat. 3 rounds of: 40 lunges (holding 10lbs/arm) 10 Clean & Jerks 65 lbs. Slow progression... Read More

Life…Deserve a break? What’s fun to you?

“Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. –Grandma Moses What’s fun to you?  How often do you find asking yourself when was the last time you had fun? or have to think hard to remember... Read More