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Lots of Kisses! Buddy is the real deal!

I am loving my Saturdays’ self-care. Moved my fanny at the gym and on sand courts with my lovely friends and budy, then hit the sauna to wrap it up. Today was EXTRA SPECIAL. I got lots of KISSES. Unconditional... Read More

Fun Partner Workout

My Starbucks friend Shannon came by to Be Fab – Be You’s gym to workout with me yesterday, 3/14. It was perfect because I was going to make it on time for my 7:30pm crossfit class. This ironman guy moved... Read More

Moving my Fanny: Power Cleans, Push-ups, Squats

How did you move your fanny? Let’s move it, people!  Body wasn’t made to stay still. 5 Rounds: Total of 20 minutes 3 Min AMRAP 3 Power Cleans (65 lbs) 6 Push Ups 9 Air Squats -Rest 1 Min- Completed... Read More