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Workout Smarter!

On Monday, 4/4/16, moved my Fanny for 18:51 minutes with the routine below. I was a little sore from all the lunges I did on Sunday.  800m Run15 Hang Squat Cleans (65 lbs)20 DB Press 20 lbs per arm30 GHD... Read More

Work-Life Balance: Ball, Sauna, Nap, Work

It’s self-care day. It’s Saturday work-life balance practice day. Yay!!!   Are you giving yourself a few hours for self-care on a weekly basis? Moved my fanny playing sand volleyball with my lovely friends–I must say, I put minimum efforts on... Read More

Lots of Kisses! Buddy is the real deal!

I am loving my Saturdays’ self-care. Moved my fanny at the gym and on sand courts with my lovely friends and budy, then hit the sauna to wrap it up. Today was EXTRA SPECIAL. I got lots of KISSES. Unconditional... Read More

Shoulders Watch

Lots of shoulder on 3/16/16 WOD…went light to minimize chances of damaging more of my ‘goods’ while getting a good workout. Gotta save shoulders for volleyball  🙂  How did you move your fanny? Mins 1 & 2: 200m Run +... Read More

Moved Your Fanny? Thrusters, Row, DUs

Whatever rocks your boat…just don’t STOP moving your fanny. Our bodies weren’t made to sit all day. Best for metabolism and fat burning is to incorporate bursts throughout the day. Warmed up with front squats then moved to the WOD,... Read More

Work and Play: Hard Balance At Times

I have always had the mentality of work hard and play hard. Until I started my own business, I did a good job doing just that–always planned one or two great vacation trips every year. I love travelling and don’t... Read More

running and wall balls: just enough rest

Moved / Run my fanny, 3/6/16 – How did you move yours? 24 min E2MOM–6 rounds of each200m Sprint (rest until end of minute)15 Wall Ball Shots (10lbs 10ft high) – rest until end of minute The rest in between... Read More

Moving my Fanny: Power Cleans, Push-ups, Squats

How did you move your fanny? Let’s move it, people!  Body wasn’t made to stay still. 5 Rounds: Total of 20 minutes 3 Min AMRAP 3 Power Cleans (65 lbs) 6 Push Ups 9 Air Squats -Rest 1 Min- Completed... Read More

10-Min WOD: Sweat and Body Contour

I like the new body contour design my sweat left on the floor after I lay there for a minute after an intense 10-minute workout. I like the waist size!  Had to take a picture 🙂 Cannot tell me this... Read More

Strength from will

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” –Mahatma Gandhi We are in charge of our thoughts and decisions. We are in charge of every next step we take. Worrying about ‘stuff’ we CANNOT control... Read More

Run forester! Moving My Fanny

Running…I used to be addicted to running–didn’t admit that at the time though. it wasn’t until injuries started to pop up. Eventually, the frustration took over and I stopped.  I was ignorance. Didn’t train for running, didn’t do strength training... Read More

New Day = New Strength

“With the new day comes new strength and  new thoughts.” — Eleanor Roosevelt Have a wonderful day, full of positive thoughts–positive thoughts bring positive energy!  ... Read More

Hiking, Nature, Personal Connection Wins Depression Symptoms

I cannot speak enough about hiking’s health benefits. Let’s discussion hiking and anti-depression side affects. Feeling blue or depressed? Check out Stanford’s recent study discussing hiking as a powerful anti-depressant!  Sure thing that walking is great for overall health, hiking in nature... Read More

Leaders in Business and Leaders in Health

“As we look ahead into the next century, leader will be those who empower others.” — Bill Gates During my corporate career, I was lucky to have worked for a few people who let me grow and shine. They provided... Read More

Moving My Fanny, 2/24 – shuttle runs & DB snatches

How did you move your fanny? Have You Tried DB Snatches? Share here! Good day for shoulder recovery trajectory. First overhead movement in 3 months! Light start on clean and jerks and DB snatches.  10min EMOM Odd: 2 Clean & Jerks... Read More