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Great Masters – Steps

“All great masters are chiefly distinguished by the power of a second, a third, and perhaps a fourth step in a continuous line. Many a man had taken the first step. With every additional step you enhance immensely the value... Read More

Moving My Fanny, 2/22/16

How did you move your fanny? Exercise is the deal! Share here… 3 rounds: 15 deadlifts 145lbs 30 wallballs 9′ 10lbs 60 double unders After 3 rounds, do 45 pull ups Time 1st round and total: 14:57min / 20:47min This... Read More

Prowler Relay – time to breath

2/20/16 – Moving Fannies Together! Share here how you unstuck your fanny for the chair! Teams of 2 400m Run 200m Prowler Relay (total 120lbs)60 KBS (35lbs)400m Run60 KBS200m Prowler Relay400m Run All runs are to be done as a group, then... Read More

20 min AMRAP – Move Your Fanny!

2/19/16 – How did you move your fanny?  Keep moving or get stiff. Exercise is Medicine! 20 min AMRAP60 Calorie Row50 GHD Sit Ups40 Wall Ball Shots 10lbs30 Power Cleans 65lbs40 Pull Ups Completed total of 226 reps (1 full... Read More

Go Red Connect: Heart Health Webinar

Go Red Webinar: Let’s Talk about Heart Health I am honored to be part of the panel. Join us for the NAPW Foundation Go Red Connect webinar benefiting Go Red For Women on February 19th at 1pm EST with host Star Jones, NAPW... Read More


“Decisions are easy when values are clear.” — Unknown  ... Read More


“Learn from the past, live in the now and be optimistic about the future.” –Anonymous  ... Read More

Exercise is Medicine: Moving My Fanny – Legs

Moving My Fanny, 2/16/16 – How did you move yours? 3 rounds: 15 wall balls 8lbs – improvement—first time doing wall balls in almost 3 months. Slowly and steady recovery 50 Double unders Completed in 6:40min Rest 8min THEN 50... Read More

Exercise is Medicine: Power Cleans, TTR

Moving MY Fanny, 2/16/16 – How did you move yours?  Share here… Slowly getting my movements and strength back. Have   🙂  Strength:15 Minute E3MOMFront Squats x5 (105lbs) Conditioning: 7 Minute AMRAP 3x Power Cleans 65lbs 3x Toes to ring... Read More

My Valentine’s Date With Cindy

Hope your Valentine’s date was as good as (or better than) mine was with Cindy 😆 While restaurants were crowded at 6:00pm, loud, and lots of waiting around…I had it easy.  No waiting. Music was just right to keep us... Read More

Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s, everyone! I find this quote idea for today and for a single person like myself 🙂 “Cherish your human connections – your relationships with friends and family.” –Barbara Bush #BeFabBeYou #wellness... Read More

Best each day

“I have simply tried to do what seemed best each day, as each day came.” Abe Lincoln Have a wonderful day, everyone! #BeFabBeYou #wellness... Read More

Exercise is Medicine: Row+DB Thrusters

Moving My Fanny, 2/9/16 How did you move your?  Share here 21-18-15-12-9 reps DB Thrusters (15lbs each arm) Row–calories Completed in 13:xx min. Another good day for left shoulder. I was able to keep light DB stable overhead. Considering the number... Read More

Continuous Effort

“Continuous effort –not strength or intelligence –is the key to unlocking our potential. — Winston Churchill #BeFabBeYou #wellness... Read More

From almost trash to delish!

My cherry tomatoes were about to go bad. I do not like to waste food and my money. Here is a quick way to keep them from going to the trash. Cooked 1/2 left over onion on a table spoon... Read More