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How Did I Handle a Very Stressful Day

This guy to me today!!! I’ve been doing the best I can to minime its occurance. But, I know it is inevitable it will hit hard at times considering the circumstances I am in of starting a business from scratch... Read More

Go Purple for Alzheimer’s

Let’s go purple, FAB community! Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are simply devastating. Personally, my holistic approach to health and wellness and fitness is driven by my own goals to prevent diseases and live life with joy, energy, and... Read More

Fat Cells Developed By Age 12

Did you know fat cells are developed by ~age 12? That’s it, a child might battle weight for life… Are you an adult having trouble losing weight? How much excess fat are you storing daily? How are you burning the... Read More

Amazing Biochemistry – It Makes Sense!

I must admit that Dr. McGuff white board with detailed explanation of the cell metabolism changed my life years ago. I have watched this video a few times and for a long time, every time I ate foods high in... Read More

Trained muscles and glucose

Trained muscles use more glucose and use it more efficiently than untrained. That is one of many natural ways to manage your blood sugar, inflammation, and overall health. Cheers to movement, physical activity, resistance training, strength training!... Read More

The power of 30 seconds

FACT OF THE DAY: Eating too often triggers your liver to produce excess VLDL, the most dangerous form of cholesterol. Hopefully, you will think twice before you snack between meals! Reach out to learn more about healthy and holistic ways... Read More

Nutrition 101 for Habitat for Humanity Homeowners

It feels good to give back! Planting Seeds…Great collaboration between Be Fab – Be You LLC and Atlanta Habitat for Humanity. This morning, we launched the first out of three elective mini-series workshops for home owners! This 1.5 hours Nutrition... Read More

Health, wellness, and fitness journey to success!

Featured in Women of Distinction Magazine Health, wellness, and fitness journey to success! Click HERE for the digital edition “I am a coach, a listener, a mentor, and forever a student. I go far and beyond to educate, provide accountability,... Read More

Dedication pays off

Over the last 6 months, Kathy has made significant changes to her lifestyle and lost over 30 pounds through balanced nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress mgmt, and timing. Sustainable health living. Keep up the good work! I am proud of... Read More