bench pressAre You Tracking Your Strength?

I didn’t notice how sore my upper body was until I started to stretch before the workout. Ouch! To help out, two of the 1x Rep Max movements were upper body. Had not done 1x RM done in a while. 

If you’re in the gym lifting moderate to heavy weights often and muscles aren’t building up as they ‘should’, I encourage you to look into your nutrition, sleep & rest, and timing. Reach out for a few tips to help you understand what, how, and when. 

Quick 5:15min workout:

15-12-09 reps of 
Wall Ball Shots (14 lbs)

Then…all mostly shoulder RMs. It was a good test for my shoulders. They felt OK.
15 mins to find 1xRM Squat Clean (max at 95 lbs)
15 mins to find 1xRM Bench Press (max at 95 lbs)
15 mins to find 1xRM OHS or Overhead Squat (max at 75 lbs)