I met Maria at a conference she was speaking over a year ago. We did an in-person coaching session for a few months which was awesome, but after a year I felt like I needed some extra support to get my habits back on track.

I had a busy year with so much of my life changing, but I knew Maria could help me refocus on my health so that I could keep progressing on this journey. This lead me to join the Lifestyle Booty Camp (LBC) for PCOS Online Group Program.

Even though it was online, the energy, support, and knowledge that Maria provided was just as awesome as it was during our in-person sessions a year ago. The women who were in the program and joined the weekly chats and daily online check-ins were also great accountability to keep on track in implementing Maria’s teachings.

I got my sleep back on track, participated in the daily work out challenges, and remembered all the healthy foods that I had pushed to the back of my pantry which I started cooking with again. All of this built up my energy and each week and as I started making small changes, the next week I felt more and confident enough to take on another change.

Thank you Maria for offering this awesome online program! It was the boost that I needed to refocus during the holidays and prepare me to start 2018 on the best track 

–Alex Carson (Dabrowska)