I speak best in metaphors so here is mine about working with Maria. You are going on a road trip, you’re starting place is your current lifestyle, your ending place is a healthy lifestyle.

Maybe you have been to this destination before and different events brought you to where you are now, maybe you know people in your desired destination but you just can’t figure out how to get there.

Every resource on the internet tells you there are different ways to get there, some even promise shortcuts, but you know deep inside that it’s a long and tough drive so you are going to need help.

Working with Maria was like working with my favorite GPS app, constantly sending you reminders when you don’t think you need them, reminding me the dreaded amount of miles I had left, but a much-needed voice to take me in the direction that I needed to go.

There were many pit stops along the way, there was even a point where I stopped and cried and thought about turning back or just not getting back into the car. But she was there reminding me to get back on my journey, and even updating the route with more information that I provided about me.

I still have yet to reach my destination, but without Maria’s help, I would be lost and maybe just in some other unhealthy habit location. Her program is tough, but it works and full of very useful information that you can always go back to when you are feeling lost.

I specifically did this program with a friend, and every road trip is more fun and more motivating when you have someone to talk to every step of the way.

I would definitely recommend Maria, and even bringing a friend, along your road to a healthier lifestyle!

— Cristina Lara