Laura Williams, Transformation Programs

Maria at Be Fab-Be You is conscientious, sincere, motivated, dedicated and professional. I trust her nutritional advice and she provided training of the mind, body, and soul to improve my overall health.

If you are serious about getting healthy and follow the individualized tailored program Maria develops you will succeed. Maria is a straight-shooter, she is honest, direct and doesn’t sugar-coat; she is a ‘get down and dirty, get off your bum, quit your whining, get it done’ kind of gal!

I still refer to my “Be Fab-Be You” notes she designed for me and hear her encouraging me when the workout was tough, or the carbs begin calling…I truly feel blessed to have met Maria and been given the opportunity to work with her and her program.

You will not meet a better example of “Be Fab-Be You” than Maria. She truly practices what she preaches!

–Laura Williams