Exhausted, anxious, and tired of feeling tired! That was my reality over 40 days ago. I am a 34-year-old teacher who had moved to Georgia a little over a year ago and I had come to a point where I just didn’t like how I looked or how I felt.

I was overly anxious, irritable, had terrible headaches and was questioning what my options where. I always liked to work out but I knew that no matter how much I exercised, the answer was in my nutrition. I found Maria on a google search after canceling an appointment with a nutrition center that after some digging, I found that their main focus was using shakes for weight loss.

I wanted someone like Maria who would teach me about food and how to eat to transform my body. So, I called and I was immediately impressed with how quickly Maria replied to my call to schedule an energy audit.

We need to talk and see if we are we a good fit.

I was impressed! She wasn’t just taking me as a client to add to her portfolio but she wanted to see if she could invest time on my journey.

Maria and I met in person for the first time and talked about my concerns and goals. I don’t think I told her this but I remember looking at her and feeling envious of her beautiful skin! She glowed!

Quickly she was able to identify the small changes I needed to make, sleep and water. Something that seems so obvious but I was lacking from my daily habits. I quickly made the adjustments as she suggested and started making better choices in my food choices and also with my personal life challenges.

During the course, she gave me tough love during the process, I cried, laughed and even challenged some of her thoughts on my progress but above all, she was always kind, caring, professional, and even a friend that I can count on to keep me accountable to myself when it seemed impossible. She was always a text, call or email away.

On this personal journey, the most important thing I changed was my mindset.

Maria helped me realized that my negative thoughts prevent me from achieving the best me.

I still struggle with this but now I always catch myself when I am being negative or just reflect and try to improve for the next time. In terms of my nutrition, I learned that animal protein should not be the focus of my meals and instead my meal choices should focus on colorful vegetables and low sugar fruits. I also became aware of the importance of hydration and make drinking water essential to a successful day! Till today, I always start my day with 16oz of water with squeezed lemon and carry around my enormous water bottle that always

Till today, I always start my day with 16oz of water with squeezed lemon and carry around my enormous water bottle that always strikes up a conversation.

When I first started, my only goal was to lose 15 lbs in 90 days. Simple, measurable, timely…yes. We made it small enough that I would not be disappointed in myself when I failed because I really thought I wouldn’t make it.

Instead, I had lost 17 lbs in 40 days and most importantly I had not gotten a single headache since I started working with Maria!

My original goal was weight but in the end, it was all about creating the woman that I want to be.

I still struggle with my food choices and having a positive growth mindset, but after working with Maria, I have learned that it is all about choices and that I have the power to say yes and no to anything in my life and indirectly, I can touch the lives of my loved ones by continuing to transform mine.