Monique Messer Weight LossI’m a fan of Maria Horstmann and wanted to share my story.

I am a busy professional and almost, but not quite, 50 years old.  Like many people close to the half-century mark, I had gained a few pounds.  In my case, it was 30 pounds — largely from the stress of that little thing called the Great Recession.

What was worse, I had previously dropped nearly 100 pounds from 2005 – 2008.  (100?? Yeah, I know. I was a girl that liked to eat!)

In my head, I knew that I could get rid of the 30 lbs. Heck, I had done it before. But, I really struggled with it. I struggled to get motivated to change my lifestyle and change my habits and get back to a comfortable weight. I knew the key was to start an exercise routine again — something that I had stopped doing for nearly two years.  (No wonder I had put on weight, right?)

While exercise would be a good start, I knew this could be a challenge because I am not a gym person.

I got a ray of sunshine and a glimmer of hope when I met Maria at a local Starbucks. I am so very thankful for meeting her because she has not only inspired me to get my fanny moving and improve my lifestyle, but also has provided me accountability and guidance. Maria’s passion for coaching people to improve their lifestyle style through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes is undeniable.

Slowly and steadily, Maria got me motivated to get started. She recommended that I download the 7-Minute Workout app and start there. She explained how to go about the routine and demonstrated a few key movements to ensure proper form and effectiveness.

Every time I would see Maria at Starbucks (where I only drink a 55-calorie beverage now), I knew she was going to ask me about my workout. I felt accountable and decided it was time. When I started, I could barely do a single push-up! Today, I am doing One-Legged Push-Ups, Chair Decline Push-Ups, Burpees, and all sorts of ‘crazy’ good movements!

Doing my 7-minute workout sessions first thing in the morning is now part of my daily routine. I have lost 15 pounds in a little over two months. I feel proud, empowered, stronger, more fit and more energetic. I even run up the stairs now!  Every time I see Maria, we celebrate my commitment and how much I have improved. I am excited to keep getting stronger, healthier, and more fit.

Maria has also shared several tips on healthy eating and the importance of cutting sugar out of our diet. My husband and I have made changes to our foods choices and are committed to continue to improve.

If you are ready to make a change and you are looking for a great coach to provide you knowledge, inspiration, motivation, accountability, and support, I strongly recommend you talk to Maria from Be Fab – Be You LLC.

Forever Grateful to Maria,

–Monique Messer