Awesome Corporate Wellness Coach

I participated in the wellness program at nCourt LLC. It was awesome! Maria provided natural recommendations for better health and ways to increase a better workout with less time. She has great passion for people’s well being and an insightful... Read More

Invaluable Guide

Maria, founder of Be Fab – Be You, has been an invaluable guide on my long journey to health. She has helped me overcome anxiety, depression, insomnia, and gut issues with her knowledge and commitment to my individual case. Maria’s passion... Read More

Is Your Personal Trainer Just A Trainer?

Maria, is an awesome trainer. She not only has knowledge of how the body works Maria is a great motivator. Before starting our workouts she would take the time to see what was going on with me personally and answer... Read More

Go Red Connect: Heart Health Webinar

Go Red Webinar: Let’s Talk about Heart Health I am honored to be part of the panel. Join us for the NAPW Foundation Go Red Connect webinar benefiting Go Red For Women on February 19th at 1pm EST with host Star Jones, NAPW... Read More

The Coach As A Positive Partner

Maria is amazing!! She is very knowledgeable about how the body works. She will stay on top of you to make sure you’re following the health regimen she sets for you – this way you’re kind of in it together!... Read More

Ready To Get Serious About Your Health?

Maria at Be Fab-Be You is conscientious, sincere, motivated, dedicated and professional. I trust her nutritional advice and she provided training of the mind, body, and soul to improve my overall health. If you are serious about getting healthy and... Read More

Take Control Of Cravings, Sugar, Carb Addiction

I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life. I went from being a chubby kid, to a slightly overweight teenager, to an obese adult. I packed on 40 or 50 extra pounds — I was clinically obese and clearly... Read More

Get Your High School Body Post Pregnancy

Maria is such an encouragement! She certainly expects cooperation and pushes you beyond what you think you can do, but she also knows when you are pushed as far as you can go. She has great tact and knows how... Read More

The Why, Knowledge, And Accountability Get Results

Maria has an amazing ability to explain and make you understand the ins and outs of health and wellness. I gained a lot from her positive attitude and knowledge. Maria makes you realize how important what you put into your... Read More

Ditch Depression, Get Motivated, Get Transformed

Overall, the 90 day transformation has been truly a challenge and an enlightening experience. I learned to pay more attentions to: my body, stress from all areas of my life, discomforts I feel. I continue to work towards my long-term... Read More