I am a 32-year old and live in Europe. I was referred to Maria and before took classes with Maria, I gained more than 30 pounds from an injury and a sedentary lifestyle. I wanted to get back on track, so I took six online sessions with Maria.
Because she knew how to deal with injuries like mine (a rotator cuff injury), she was able to give me painless and motivating exercises to do, which was very specific to my needs. She helped me recover, motivate myself, and get back out there to improve my overall life patterns.
As a result, I lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks from having one online session a week and pursuing goals we set out for myself to achieve. Maria taught me a lot of new exercises I can do at home with bands, fitness balls, and even a box.
My previous physical therapists did not give me much direction for light upper body workouts that would not harm my shoulder, but Maria helped show me a lot of great exercises that I did not know about and have started incorporating into my routine, which I can even do from home when I wake up or after a long day.
Thanks to her support and training, I was able to gain a lot of confidence and be able to run for 5 minutes straight without walking, when I couldn’t run for a minute at the start of our sessions. Growth and changing your life is often a holistic process of making a shift, and I really appreciate Maria’s help on this journey.